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Beau Hossler, the 23 year old former Texas Longhorn, simply fell apart yesterday. Not only is his body atrocious, but he lost a devastating playoff hole and his chance to play in the 2018 Masters

Paired with one of the most mutually hated guys on tour, 42 year old Ian Poulter, it’s safe to say just about everyone was pulling for the young buck.

Going into Sunday Beau and Ian sat atop the leaderboard, something Ian hasn’t seen in a while, while Beau has never. Both tied at 13 under for the tournament, Ian got off to a great start, making Par-Birdie-Par-Birdie in that order for the first 8 hole. He finished the front with a Bogey, putting him at 3 under for the round.

Beau had some catching up to do as he was falling behind quickly. He managed to maintain his composure as he making Par on the first 7 holes, and ending the front 9, 1 under.

For those keeping track at home, Hossler is now two behind going into the back 9.

10- Both make pars

11- Another one for the bad guy- Ian makes birdie, widening the lead to 3 heading into 12.

The next 4 holes completely turned the tables as Hossler makes Birdie, Birdie, Birdie, Birdie, while Ian can only Par. With the help from some long putts and some great shots, Beau is sitting pretty with just 3 to go.

Both Par the 16th and 17th, making the tournament look more and more like it belonged to Beau.

For you novice golfers, driving the ball in the sand is something you want to avoid. Especially while your opponent puts it right down the middle. Unfortunately, Beau did just that, looking like all was going to fall apart for the young nerve-filled kid.

Come up to the second shot and Ian puts it about 20ft away, a tough putt for sure, something that everyone probably knew he would have to make to have a chance. Sandy Beau gets up there and his one of the best shots of his tournament, putting it right behind Ian, putting enormous amounts of pressure on Ian, with Beau beginning to pack his bags for Augusta.

Beau missed his putt by half an inch, settling for par, and guess what happened next. If you read the headline then you should get this correct. Ian of course made his 20 foot putt in a crazy and sudden turn of events leading to a sudden death playoff.

Long story short here, both players hit an identical drive to the first time they played 18. Except, this time the second shot was different. Ian played it about the same but Beau now put it in the right trap. Puts it in the water, up and 2 down, 7.

Ian made his putt and celebrated like he just won the masters.



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