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‘Wooooooh! Good Morning Fellas’


It’s Masters week, the best week in golf.

Last night capped one of the most incredible seasons for my Villanova Wildcats as they rolled through their competition towards their second National Championship in 3 years. I don’t want to get into it too much, but they won every tournament game by double digit points, simply unbelievable stuff.    \\\/// ‘s up

The reason I bring that up is not to brag that in 2 out of the last 3 years we were literally ranked the best team and beat every other team, no. Rather, because that officially marked the end of the collegiate basketball season and for me the ‘unofficial official’ start of the golf season.

Now before you go ahead and tell yourself your more of a golf guy than me and you can write better blogs (do it) I just am a big fan of sports, so while I was following the basketball season more closely, I still had my eye on the tour. Now, the majority of my attention is on golf.

With my passive attention, here is what I am sure of heading into the masters:

Tiger is back

-Eldrick has proven that he is once again healthy and indeed officially back. This week marks his first major since 2015 and the last time he made a cut in a major was the same year. Where was it? Oh just a little place called Augusta National…

Justin Thomas is the best golfer on the universe

-“But he isn’t even world #1, you call yourself a golf expert?” First off, fuck you. Secondly, I know that but he is playing out of his mind, placing top 5 in almost every tournament he enters. I understand he got some heat for kicking one of his hecklers out for harmless chatter, which I agree was extremely soft. But JT is the man, he lives the life we all want to live and he has a few more strikes to go with me.

Ian Poulter is lame as fuck


The game of golf has been extremely exciting and has definitely been #goodforgolf

Throughout the 2018 season there have been 8 sudden death playoffs in 21 tournaments (give or take), which have included some of the games best: Phil Mickelson, Justin Thomas, Jason Day, and others. Not to mention a T2 finish for Tiger at the a Valspar Championship with a putt on 17 that made us all aroused sexually. Parlay this with the exciting youth brought to the game that continues to take over and your left with golf’s popularity being at an all time high.

With that, this years Masters is poised to be a delightful treat to all of us.

That being said….

I think everyone and their mothers are pulling for a Tiger win. He is at the top of his game and not only is it possible, some would say it is more probable than not. This would be great to see him win. To see him rise back to the top after such a dramatic decline, and I would certainly not hate it.

However, I think I would like to the see Rickie pull it off.

Rickie Fowler is a top notch fella. Something I haven’t used in a while just seems to stick out here, but Rickie is FTB. How could you not like Rickie? He is such a genuine dude, with a smoking hot girlfriend, and of course 1 of 2 members of the Spring Break Crew without a major. Smylie doesn’t really count as he seems to be way behind, so looking at JT, Jordan and Rickie, he is right there, yet never won a major. He has always been there for his guys when they have won and throughout his recent success they have returned the favor.

Bur Rickie is major-less. I absolutely feel that 2018 is his year to get his first one, and although I do think a Tiger victory would be great, I think Rickie would be better. He is sort of flying under the radar as all of the ‘will he get his first major’ pressure seems to have shifted to Tiger. He has had a lot of recent success in non-major tournaments and has played well in majors, but never seems to pull it off.

Well, good news Rickie Fans, I think this is the year.

2018 Masters Champion Rickie Fowler. Sharpie.

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