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Hey NBA, WTF??????

We are nearing the worst time of the year. The time where all we have on TV is baseball. I played baseball my whole life and even I can’t stand to watch an inning let alone a whole 9 of them.

So why on earth did Adam Silver leave us with two long days of basketball free television?

As a #sports fan, all I want to do is watch meaningful games, and May baseball isn’t doing it for me.

I know there will be people out there saying this is prolonging the season making it that much more enjoyable. Fuck those people. It’s not like Chinese food where if we space them out properly, we can enjoy them more. We had the East game on Tuesday and the West on Wednesday. A day off in between each series I understand, two days (not counting for travel) I do as well. But three days is ridiculous!

Three days off for travel from Boston to Cleveland, about a 4 hour ride. Come on Adam, sports gambling was just made legal… give the people something to blindly bet their life savings on.

Now, I am sitting at home debating Yanny and Laurel all night. Thanks a lot, NBA.

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