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A-Rod Seems Bullish on the Astros, Analysts Agree

Alex Rodriguez, the biggest 180 I’ve seen in sports in my 23 years of life. The man has gone from the most hated player in baseball to an absolute gem of a character.

A-Rod (probably CFA, CPA, and everything else)  is well known for forgoing college and therefore never taking a finance classe, is now an absolute fih-nance wizard.

If you dont recall, Alex and his investment team are famous for starting the “Instagram Poll” strategy, specifically for single name stocks like Tesla (TSLA) and Netflix (NTFX).


Truly Groundbreaking.

Well, the man just cant seem to escape the bug as he is now meshing his two favorite pastimes- bringing finance terms to the game he once dominated and now announces.

I cant find the video of him proclaiming that he is ‘bulligh and long on the Astros,’ but as I was doing my research I found this article, explaining that Alex Rodriguez is ‘bullish on Derek Jeter’

Why Alex is bullish on Jeets

This whole thing is so funny to me. You know Alex just heard this somewhere or read it and was like “Bullish, ohh thats good. Thats what people say when they like something long term? Got it.” Then used it for everything. This is exactly why we all need A-Rod in our lives.

Quintessential A-Rod.

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