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So what? Has anyone played Tiger Woods since PS2? In all seriousness the last version I remember was in 2011 with him and Rory on the cover. These games basically went down the drain as soon as the world found out about Tigers….. addiction.

I am a huge golf fan, have been basically my entire life, but I couldn’t care less about this. I used to play from time to time trying to swag out my player with the coolest gear and win some tournaments, but unlike other games, as soon as your figured out to hit the ball the way you wanted to, you basically beat the game.

Real golf is hard becuase you have to deal with the elements on top of the mental hardship. The video game was just can you excecute the buttons correctly. May be a hot take, but this a bad series of games.

Now that EA has some extra time on their hands, they should bring back NCAA Baseball. I know baseball is boring, but those metal bats.


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