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Cavs vs. Warriors, Yay…..

Death, taxes, Cavs vs. Warriors in the NBA Finals.

For a league that has been so entertaining the last few years, with popularity seemingly rising, how can the most exciting part of the season be so boring.

I am sick of the NBA Finals, there I said it.

I mean, whats gunna happen: Steph, KD, Draymond, all play well but nothing too special. Klay hits some threes, LeBron will continue to prove himself the best player in the world, but fall short yet again? In 4 MAYBE 5 Games?

I will give these two team this, the last few years have been entertaining, especially becuase they two teams were somewhat even. They split the first two series’, making last year the rubber match, but with KD, the title was never really in doubt for Golden State.

Now, its even worse. The Cavs are the biggest underdog in 16 years.

I like, not love then NBA. Never been a huge fan. But one thing is for sure, I am sick and tired of this matchup.

Luckily, this is almost guaranteed to be the last time, as we will find out during the series that the biggest story of the series is where will LeBron go, which of course will be Philly.


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