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The Kardashians Vs. The Royal Family: Who Ya Got?

I feel like all I have been hearing about for the past couple of weeks, really years, has been the Kardashians. As a straight WASP male, I don’t get the appeal. Do I think its interesting to follow the lives of people? Ehh, somewhat.

You could argue sports, or rap beef, or whatever it is, is the same thing: obsession with other people’s lives. Which, I guess is true. I am not going to sit here and bash the Kardashians for doing nothing and becoming famous. The father lawyered his heart out for OJ and his daughters happened to be super hot. In a world where hotness wins, they won. Then the whole Ray J thing, but whatever. In all serious, they do work hard. You can’t be that big and that famous and just ‘actually do nothing.’ They have developed there brand to be what it is today.

So, when I say they do nothing, what I mean is they really have no skill or talent, they just work hard to keep up their images, which is a challenge in it’s own right. Some people just are born into money, fame, good looks, whatever and as much as we all want there lives, they have their own struggles.


What I have put together recently though is a stark comparison to the Royal Family. They both do nothing!

The royal family is famous for literally being apart of a family that had power 700 years ago. I know the men serve in the military, but when was the last time Britain went to war? I am not a history major, so I am just going to assume it was when we beat their ass to take the country that they took from someone else. All is fair in love and war.

So just as the Royal Family of GB is famous for just being apart of the family, so is the Kardashians. The comparison goes further.

-Both families famous for “nothing”

-Both families are beloved by their respective country for reasons overlooked

-Both families married interracially

The comparison’s are endless.

So, the question was posed if you had to eliminate one… who would it be?

At first this questions seems easy for the typical American, but after seeing the amount of support and fandom for the Royal Wedding for something that literally doesn’t matter at all, I don’t know how this will play out.




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