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Giants Are Creating a Never Before Seen Offensive Scheme

As a Giants fan, things have not been going great for a little over a year now. With a record of 3-15, New York has seen it’s better days. When Pat Shurmur and Dave Gettleman were brought in, I thought things were going to be quickly turned around. I mean yes, they finished with the 2nd worst record in the league last year, but I attributed it to injuries, a horrible coach with stunning hair, and a boat trip punishment that karma seemed to be prolonging. I thought they paid their dues. Two games into the season however, it seems as though the Giants are just bad.

A few things before I get into the offensive play calling. I really don’t think you can blame Gettleman. He totally revamped the biggest problem from last year with the exception of injuries and that was the O-line. Moving Flowers from LT to RT and bringing in 4 totally new guys felt like the right thing to do and for all intents and purposes, it was. However, it has not worked out. Everyone has been a revolving door, with the exception of the center Jonathon Halapio who conveniently enough injured himself and is now reported out for the season. So that doesn’t help. The line has been bad, but I do see it turning around as the season moves along.

The defense has just underplayed, really. Again, not much to really do from a GM perspective. I mean Eli Apple has totally turned around his play, looking like an actual first round pick, Landon Collins and Janoris Jenkins will continue to be top players in the league at their positions. The front seven although not amazing, is certainly not bad. With a team on paper that would be at least average, they are playing average. I think there have been a few times where they looked bad, but with a new and notoriously aggressive defensive coordinator in James Bettcher, it’s expected to take some time before the defense starts clicking.

The real problem in my eyes is Eli Manning.

Giants fall will call me a traitor until I die for saying this but it’s true. Yes, Eli won two Superbowls. Yes, he was great and will be a hall of famer. But guess what Vinny from Jersey, he’s done. He’s old and scared and doesn’t look like he belongs. People want to blame it on the line all day long, but that’s the easy thing to say. Take a step back and look at the quarterback play.

The offensive scheme the Giants are creating is sure to never take the NFL by storm. They do this new thing where they either run the ball and its a 2 yard gain, or they call a pass play of any kind that turns into a screen because Eli crumbles the first time a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage. I don’t mean to rag on him, because I love what he has done for the franchise, but you cannot tell me other Quarterbacks are as fast to quickly get rid of the ball, or fall to the ground because there are defensive players around.

It’s Eli. and as tough as it is to say,  as long as Eli remains the Quarterback, I don’t care how many stud skill players they have, the Giants will remain bad.

Not good for the G-Men. But as Vinny from Jersey says “It is what it is”


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