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Baltimore Orioles Attempt to Hide in Plain Daylight

Out of all of the sports, baseball is notoriously know for the craziest promotions. Mostly becuase there are 162 games and over 150 teams if you include the Minor Leagues, so you need to do something crazy to catch the attention of different demographic. Most teams will pull out the typical promotions: 80’s night, Bark in the Park, etc. But there have been some pretty crazy promotions out there as well. Anything to get people to see the Mudfish play the Lugnuts! There aren’t a ton of these in the Majors and when they do happen, they tend to be league-wide. Today, however, the historically bad Baltimore Orioles are trying to save their historically bad season by appealing to the one demographic that no one can seem to capture in the MLB, the Blind. 

Baseball is the one game where sight isn’t a necesseity and smell plays a huge factor in a game experience. The fresh cut grass, the hot dogs, the burn of a foul tip. Smelling is huge in baseball and the Blind are a perfect demo to go after. It doesn’t make sense for other sports to go after the demo. What are they going to go to a Hockey game and smell the ice? A basketball game and smell the sweat? They are a diamond in the rough for the game that is played on the diamond.

Most people would assume that blind people don’t attend baseball games because they can’t see the game and therefore have no clue what is happening. Of course, they could ask the people they came with but no one is going to bring a person who can’t see to avoid that situation of having to answers questions while your enjoying a nice ballgame.  Anyway, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather, they don’t attend sports events becuase they cant read any of the names on the jerseys, so they have no clue what is going on or who did said thing. For instance if someone hit a home run, how would a Blind person know who it if there name is spelled with American English. Ummm, Hello, blind people don’t know the alphabet.  So this is a genius move by Baltimore, allowing the Blind of Baltimore to finally get involved. 

Ohh wait, they still can’t touch the names on the jersey so it totally doesn’t make sense at all. Not even that, lets say they were allowed to touch the jerseys, they still wouldn’t know becuase the brailes isn’t raised! 

In all seriousness though how stupid is this. Like come on, I get its 2018 we have to include everyone, but Braile involves being able to touch the braile. You can’t touch the back of someone’s jersey. It doesnt make sense. It would make sense if the jerseys were in sign language or something but…..Braile? I have not heard one blind person ever complain about something they cannot touch physically not be in Braile. I understand they can’t read the names on the back of the jerseys,  but thats understood and thats comes with the whole blind thing. I mean what does the PR team think this is going to get them. Just a bizarre move here and something that I highly doubt we will ever see again.

One last note, I think the Baltimore Orioles have catered to the one demographic who literally cannot tell who they are. They are embarrased by how bad they have played, that they are trying to avoid public shame the best way to do that is to literally be unrecognizeable. Its not like the fans can smell the players.


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