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Does the NBA Have a Fashion Problem?

Remember when the NBA was chains, baggy pants, and weapons? Those were the days. Allen Iverson and the player formerly known as Ron Artest strolling in with baggy pants that seemed irrationally baggy. Then after you found out what they were hiding in the pants you understood it. Baggy pants look silly sure, but they sure do hold a lot of illegal items in them without looking like there is anything there.

Anyway, they changed the game and people called them crazy at the time. They called him a thug and gangster etc but it didn’t matter becuase that was a simpler time. All that mattered then was basketball. The biggest story of the day was whether or not he showed up to practice, not what did he show up to the game wearing.

Of course social media didnt exist then,  but I liked that NBA better than this GQ magazine edition of a league. Don’t get me wrong, the NBA is immensely entertaining. From the feuds, to the burner accounts, the NBA is its own soap opera. Not only that, but there is still some excitement to the games. The talent is unbelievable the “off the court antics” are enjoyable, for the most part. When it comes to fashion, no sports guy wants to pay attention to that stuff. Show me the dunk and the twitter fights, keep the suits that are too short in Hollywood. I mean the NBA is a money maker, so you can’t fualt them for trying to capitalize on this opportunity for fashion nerds out there.

But I mean everything has a limit right?

Kevin Love hopped on to GetUp this morning to discuss his new line with Banana Republic, who by the way is vastly overrated. I mean Banana Republic is just one of those brands that I couldn’t tell you the logo if it was right in front of my face, but I know they make quality fabric. Anyway Kevin Love, the fat nerd from UCLA is now a ripped, clean shaven handsome basketball player who got his fame off Lebron James, now has a clothing line.

Athletes need to make their money becuase they certainly don’t get enough from their contracts, but I mean Kevin Love. Please Banana Republic, leave the fashion to the fashionists in Russel Westbrook, James Harden, etc. If Kevin Love needs a sponsor so bad go over to Tinder or something… get it “Love.”

Stupid blog, but whatever. Alright, I’m done. 


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