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Bill Cosy is Going To Jail


I mean what an asshole. He still walks around like he did nothing wrong and is innocent of all of the crimes, it literally blows my mind. Does this guy not realize the severity of the crimes or know what he did was wrong? He ruined these girls lives and they have to live with the trauma for the rest of their lives. Not to mention the previous decades in which they held this inside. I can’t imagine what it’s like to hold something that traumatizing in for so long, thinking if you come forward with it, people will only shoot you down.

He walks around like he ‘deserved’ to do it. We are finally bringing to light some of these monsters and one would assume this will only bring about equality and justice for victims of sexual assault. I hope the trend continues.

Bill Cosby might as well have been at a movie shoot, he was that unfazed. He is so old and frail now he can barely walk, but he still mustered up enough energy to shout one of his characters tagline:


Hey Bill, you know what kind of sex you’ll be having from now on?





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