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Nick Saban: The Barry Bonds of College Football

Now we all know Nick Saban is one of, if not the best coach College Football has ever seen. He puts up Barry Bonds like stats as it relates to how much he has won. I say Barry Bonds because he is by far and away the ‘Crazy Stat’ king. You know those things that make you do a double take to see if the numbers are right. Bonds has a ton of them.

Heres a link to 25 of the craziest stats:Β Barry Bonds Stats.

Today I was reminded of Nick Saban stat that made me giddy inside like a 7 year old seeing a dog under the tree. If you cant tell, I am a huge fan of such incredible feats that only numbers can truly articulate. The type of things you see and still cannot believe.

To set the tone, I will list some of my favorite accomplishments Saban has under his tightly wound belt.

  1. Nick Saban has more National Championships than all of active College coaches COMBINED. A lot of this has to do with him winning 5 in a 9 year span, which is ridiculous itself.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 6.02.18 PM.png

2. He has 10 or more wins in 10 straight seasons, including 11 or more in the last 7. And to make it even more incredible, he only has 9 loses in the last 7 years.

3. He has produced 27 First Round NFL draft picks, 22 of which have been since he arrived at Alabama. For those counting at home that is more than 2 per year at Alabama.

But this stat I heard again today was the kicker:

Every Single Recruiting Class Saban has ever had, has won a National Championship. From 2000 all the way to last season in 2018.Β I mean are you kidding me, they are basically Uconn Women’s basketball but in Football, which is a much harder sport to be so dominant in.Β For the first 7 of those years he was at LSU as an assistant, but he was still recruiting. The fact remains, the man knows how to win.

Just truly jaw-dropping type stats, I love this stuff.

With College Football Kickoff only days away the question remains for Alabama, who will be the starter? Do you go with True Freshman standout Jalen Hurts, now entering his Junior year, or do you go with Sophomore Tua Tagovailoa who has only 1 half of college football experience. Whatever the move is, its going to be hard to doubt Saban.


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