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Do We Already Live With Functioning Robots and Not Even Know It?

One of my favorite things on the internet is making fun of weird nuances of famous people. We have seen it time and time again, from the way people walk to how they talk on the phone to how they eat a sandwich. You do something that is weird or different than the majority and guess what, the internet is going to rip you apart for it.

More recently there has been an influx of “Is this guy a robot?” questions. More than there has ever been, which begs the question: Are we living in a world with functioning robots, disguising as humans, and we aren’t aware?

Its 2018, the fear of AI is rapidly rising and the great minds of the world vocalize this fear. The lines are becoming blurrier as we humans try to distinguish between person and robot. It could very well be that these robots are living amongst us today. In fact, we know they are. Being connected to our phones, TVs, computers, etc. we are essentially living amongst AI.

But is this inevitable advancement of the technology ahead of our time and what we currently perceived reality. Are we living with robots now who have emotions and can make subjective decisions? Well lets take a deeper look into 3 recent cases who I believe make a very strong case for ‘definitely a robot.’

Elon Musk:

  • Cant smoke weed
  • Very vocal about his concerns for AI, but is that just a divergence for him being AI

Mark Zuckerberg:

  • Created the most successful social media company of all time
  • Drinks like he has never drank water before. Reminder: Water is essential to life

Kawhi Leonard:

  • ‘Missing’ for almost all the 2017-18 NBA Season
  • Laughs like he doesn’t know how to laugh


Ohh also Kawhi has no perception of good art, or what looks good as obvious by his personal logo.



While obviously, I don’t really think these guys are robots, its actually not crazy to say they aren’t. Who is too say? It’s very easy to shoot this down and say I’m crazy, thats taking the easy way out. How about taking a step back and saying “You know what, I will never know.” These guys are where they are at in life because of their hard work and sacrifices. It just seems that their sacrifices were human interaction.

So while its easy to reject and most likely not true, its one of those things that is like “well what if….” We will literally never know.


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