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I Won $700 on Sunday and Then Promptly Lost $700

I used to never bet. When I was younger, I was afraid of losing, thought it was illegal, etc. and when all of my friends started betting, I stayed away. Then one day I put down my first bet, of I think like $5 and won. I got money for doing nothing, so of course I was hooked. Well, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing since then. I have had my ups and down for sure, but my downs are extremely low.

The worst it ever got was March Madness 2017, I was getting cocky win some cute $20 and $30 bets. To complement one of the best betting days of the year, it was also St. Patricks Day, which apparently means another excuse to drink, so I did, heavily. It was that night that I realized alcohol, plus my account being way to accessible for me is a bad combination. Long story short, I had to start selling all of my shit on eBay (xbox, computer, etc) to keep my knees in tact.

Flash forward to this previous Sunday. I have been up and down since then and to be honest have really even cut back my betting. What I normally do is start the week small and then if I lose just stop betting, never letting myself get down more than $50. But if I win, I keep that credit and re-invest, yes, invest.

When I am hot, I am hot and I was unstoppable on Sunday. I worked my way all the way up to +$700 after a few great bets by myself including a parlay with the 4pm games winners. I was feeling good. I was READY TO ROLL.

The Sunday Night game was the 0-2 Lions vs. the 1-1 Patriots. The Patriots were coming off a loss to the Jags and the Lions were blown out by the Jets only 2 weeks prior. Knowing that I had about $700 to bet, I told myself I will look at the line and make an instinct bet, meaning I will see it and do the first thing that comes to my mind. When I think too much I tend to get in my head and then always make the wrong choice.

So I had what I thought the line should be and looked at the book. I quickly took the Patriots -6.5 for $400. I was so confident in my pick. As time went on, I said I could make even more money, but lets play it more conservatively and take the Pats ML for $300. So, I did just that… free money I thought!

Welp after the first 2 drives for each team, I realized I was going to lose my money. It was a bait and I fell for it. The Pats lost and so did I.


What a whirlwind of a Sunday man, its crazy how much I won and lost considering I don’t even have an income. I went from paying my student loans, maybe treating myself to a nice watch, etc. to still just poor old me.

With that said, my venmo is open.


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