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Kelly Bryant Loses Job to A Shark

What do you do if your Kelly Bryant? He did everything he could to follow in Deshaun Watson’s footsteps. I don’t think he’s a great quarterback to begin with, but he certainly isn’t bad. He lost twice in his entire college career. Once to Syracuse and looked terrible vs Alabama in the Playoffs. Trevor Lawrence is probably the more talented QB but Bryant did nothing to be benched for Jeff Samardzija’s doppelgänger.


This is the nature of the beast when it comes to the big time schools. I remember when I was getting recruited by baseball the word on the street was stay away from UNC because they were a factory and would replace you after one bad game. Well, as someone who finished 6th in the nation in Strikeouts, as a hitter, I of course was going to avoid that at all costs. But that is what you sign up for. If you go to a big time school you are expected to perform.

Kelly Bryant did though, that is the confusing thing to me. Yes, Trevor Lawrence was the number one recruit coming into school but he was a true freshman. If you Dabo you need to do the best thing to help your team win, but was this it? Why wouldn’t you not finish the year with a proven winner and let the second coming of the Shark take over next year? He is a TRUE FRESHMAN, he just started getting hair on his balls, let him learn a little from the Chris Brown look alike. Yeah I compared both quarterbacks looks in this blog.



I don’t get it and I never will. I also don’t care because its Clemson Football. Just interesting to me and it sucks for Kelly Bryant.


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