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David Wright to Play in his Final Game

Growing up in the New York/New Jersey area, I have been around NY baseball my whole life. As a baseball player myself, I would always try to watch games, learn tips and tricks and dream of one day being where those players were. While I didn’t really care, I was probably more of a Yankees fan. They had Derek Jeter who was the epitome of what a SS should be, so I had to follow.

But down in Queens there was another player who caught the eye of every kid around the area, and later around the country. David Wright, who would later become known as Mr. America due to his WBC heroics, was a pillar of consistency. He was someone who I would learn to watch every time he stepped up to the plate. Not only for what might happen, but to learn. The way he played the game, his talent, and his likable quality made him a star in success.


Although a star, he was shy to say the least. Much like Jeter, he was an outstanding baseball player, but made little to no noise outside of the white lines. The only thing I knew about David Wright was he played on an incredible travel baseball team with both Uptons and Ryan Zimmerman, which of course induced a fantasy in which my friends and I experienced the same story written about us.

Battling major back injuries among other, David Wright hasn’t played a full season since 2014. The 7x All-Star has largely been in Port St. Lucie for the last 4 years. New York fans have most likely forget about him, and its hard to blame them. If you’re not playing, its hard to remember you as you make your way back.

This final weekend of the 2018 Season, the Mets are honoring David, his incredible career, and his continued push to come back healthy and help the struggling Mets. The Mets are going to bring David Wright up for the final home stretch, which happens to be 2 home series, back to back.

I do believe that he is still hurting and unfortunately won’t be able to play or do much, but could you imagine if we get a Kirk Gibson moment? That would be amazing. It’s going to be a tear jerker anyway. One of those moments in sports where you say “Ohh yeah, sports are freaking awesome.”

It’s going to be a cool sight to see, and something you most definitely want to see live.

So heres to you Mr. Wright, have a day:


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