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Does Brett Kavanaugh Have CTE??




DoBN9GVWkAEHHRr.jpgAlright, I will be totally honest, I don’t know much about this whole Kavanaugh thing. Every time I hear the name I just immediately think of this hot girl from college who had the same last name… sup? I know he was the recently appointed SCOTUS and a few women have claimed sexual assault back when they were in High School, not a good look for Brett. I am not sure if the alleged crimes were in HS, and this is something I could surely look up, but I am not going to because I don’t really care about the specificities and that’s not the point of this blog.

The point of this blog is to go over his calendars and understand the CTE filled mind we are dealing with here. I guess in an attempt to prove his innocence and provide an alibi Kavanaugh has released his calendars from when he was in High School. First things first, why the fuck are you saving these? The only possibly explanation I could think of to save paper calendars for over 30 years is if you pre-planned it so that you make up false alibi’s so you can could go ahead and sexually assault women. That way, when questioned before taking on a new highly prestigious job you could try and prove your innocence through your saved documentation. Weird, but slick move that in the end, probably won’t work out. For the purpose of the blog, lets pretend these calendars are an accurate representation of a young Brett Kavanaugh’s daily life.

Taking a look closer at the days, Kavanaugh was a busy man back then. He wrote down EVERYTHING he had to do. He needed to remind himself to go places, come back from places, get a haircut, be grounded, etc. Now something that bothers me is, he did play football which probably explains why he needed to remind himself of absolutely everything. I am surprised he didn’t write down when to piss.

While we are finally learning the implications now, CTE was probably more prevalent back then with the dangerously thin helmets. So high school football player most likely had/has CTE. I read a stat somewhere that 70%, yes SEVENTY, of people who played football at any time are more likely to get CTE. Now, is this one of those stats that sounds crazy at first but then when you take a deeper dive, realize well yeah obviously? Yes it is, but it’s still crazy to point that out.

Brett Kavanaugh showed early stages of CTE reminding himself scores, appointments, being grounded, where to go, when to swim, etc. It was like the calendar was his parent. Kind of crazy behavior to remind yourself you’re grounded, don’t you maybe want to roll the dice there, Brett, and see if maybe your parents forget. I mean what a nerd, no wonder this guy wants to be a Supreme Court Justice, I bet you he was an RA in college too.


Other things to note: No where there does it say “sex,” which to me confirms he was a virgin. If you need to remind yourself to go ‘Swim at Danny’s’ (May 20th) or to ‘Come home from beach’ (June 13) don’t you think he would write ‘Have Sex with ____’. I mean he literally wrote down EVERYTHING. He answered the 5 W’s and 1 H question in his calendar. I mean if he just wrote down Danny’s house, how would he or anyone else know what he was doing?! Just wild stuff here, so specific it seems fake. Or my original hypothesis, he has CTE and needed to remind himself of what to do.

Side note: Brett was NOT good with the ladies at all, particularly Nikki.

There is a girl named Nikki who from the looks of it was scheduled for to come over every Wednesday as the calendar indicates. However, if you closely you can see after the first hang out on May 12, just one week after the Bullets lose in double OT, Unknown.jpegNikki became a question mark to hang out. On May 19, 1982 Nikki was a ‘maybe.’ What happened on the first day, Nikki? What was so off putting that made you change your status from a ‘yes’ to a ‘maybe?’ I am not sure if this Nikki girl has come out from the public yet, but going from hanging out once to possibly hanging out the next week during your scheduled time is certainly a red flag for me and I think she should be brought to the stand. (Unless of course she is the accuser and I just don’t know because I don’t know the name.)


If you look at the calendar there are numerous laugh out loud funny things he wrote. Maybe I am just a dumb millennial who can’t even imagine a world without texting and what it’s like to make note of things not the phone, but writing down things such who is driving to Prom is crazy. I feel like you can just remember those things. Who cares if the Bullets won or lost, that was in the past. No one writes things on their calendar AFTER it happened.

Thank goodness he gave himself commands as well, like ‘Go to’ and ‘Swim in’ because with football season around the corner his CTE was probably ramping up so he must have forgotten what to do. If he was to writes Matt’s baseball game, he very well could have shown up in his swim trunks and went to Danny’s baseball game. But Danny didn’t have a baseball game, he had a pool. That would have been embarrassing.

In all seriousness, just a crazy bizzaro world we are living in. We are now resorting to calendars from a HS student? I understand everything people my age do is documented forever given the rise of social media, but imagine having to go back and find your old calendars. That would be a nightmare, I am embarrassed to show the notes I keep in my phone and the reminders I set for myself today. If I had to go back and bring out anything from over a year ago I would just throw in the towel and say ‘You know what I actually don’t really want that job.’ Obviously the allegations are more serious and should not be taken lightly, but this can’t really be good evidence for either side of the case can it? Just a crazy world.


PS: Sick brag you had an interview with two Ivy League schools back to back


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