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“I Like Beer, I Still Like Beer”

If you didn’t see Brett Kavanaugh

I’m just a normal guy everyone, cant you see? I like beer you like beer, we all like beer.  It was legal so totally cool. We went to basketball camp in the summer before the football. I played football, Tommy was the quarterback, I was the running back. I keep a diary in my calendars because my dad did and I was best friends with women, like so many women. Ohh also I never had sex. I brushed my teeth every morning and went to church every Sunday, just what I did. I didn’t do what I am being accused of/charged with here today.

Is that a defense statement against serious accusations or a national reading of someone coming out.

Again not talking about politics and I don’t really know who or what to believe but this opening speech from Brett Kavanaugh is seriously laugh out loud funny.

He is basically just telling us about his high school days. Yes he denied it, under Oath, that he did not commit the crime but the speech was a lot more about his high school days: Who played Quarterback, how much beer he drank in high school to prove how cool he was, what his summer schedule was like, how many girlfriends he has, how he never had sex, etc.

Hey man, no one cares about that!





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