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I Think I am Famous Now

I’ll be honest, I really don’t even know why I am writing blogs still. I have a tweet with almost 1,000 likes. Did I expect to be an overnight success? No, not really. But also, Yeah I did. It’s not easy being famous, I have been inside for the last 3 weeks basically and although it started off because I am unemployed, now I am just afraid of the paparazzi. I mean I thought it would take me a few years to get to the point where I needed to turn my twitter notifications off for sanity reasons. Turns out it only took a few weeks. I’ve always been one to give back to the community, so if you want to be famous one day, here’s some tips.

First, you need to have a dream, a goal, etc. For me, I decided I want to become a standup comedian. Why Stand Up do you ask? Well I absolutely hate standing in front of people and I very self conscious and not confident, and it pays really well. So for me it was the obvious choice, but for you, it could be anything you want.

Next, you’ll have to create a twitter account so that you can start building a following while also testing out some of your material (this really only applies for stand ups here, but try it if you want to be a doctor or something). So thats what I did. I started a twitter account, started following people and tweeting out as much as possible. Now, some of you may be thinking do I tweet out everything or only jokes I am proud of. Good question. In the beginning you just want to build a following, so you’ll tweet out essentially everything that comes to your mind, while also following other people, liking and retweeting them, etc. But most importantly replying to bigger accounts with stupid dumb jokes. The general public laughs at almost anything, so if you make a small dumb joke at a big account, your followers will grow like this:



The third and final step is to make the reply tweet, sit back and relax…then get super frustrated and wonder why your not getting more followers. For me, this was simply. UberFacts tweeted out this about Bill Gates, so I decided to respond with something silly and light. After I sent the tweet, I went to bed thinking it would get about 1 like, as the rest of my tweets did. Well, I was wrong I woke up to several hundred and a newfound fame.

What a whirlwind of emotions. I loved the notifications at first, but they literally come every 2 minutes so I had to turn them off. I love my fans, but there are some crazies out there and I have to live my life.

I do just want to make it clear, that I am not special. I am no different than anyone else reading this blog. I used to be the unemployed loser who would read blogs on how to get famous. Now, I am the unemployed comedian who is famous but still broke. So if this doesn’t motivate you today to chase your dreams, I don’t know what will.

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