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In News No One Cares About: Dunkin’ is Changing Their Name

Hey, here’s something that is pretty interesting about this whole thing: Who giiiiiiiiives a shit?

I mean woah! Dunkin Donuts, who everyone calls Dunkin anyway, is changing there name to just: ‘Dunkin.’ Could there be a less newsworthy story? In other news Coca-Cola is now changing their name to Coke. Whats that? No one has called it Coca-Cola since the polar bears? Ohhh yeah, then who cares.

In a world where everything becomes news, this is certainly one of those doesn’t mean anything but lets make a story about it and act like we all care. You see this a lot especially with restaurants. I mean this literally means nothing. If they were changing their name to like ‘Startbucks’ (lol) or something, sure it would be a good story, but dropping 50% of a two part name and showing us the changes via logo is crazy.

Although if this is a marketing tactic, than touché. Much like IHOB (International House of Burgers) everyone is now talking about a restaurant that hasn’t seen the news stand since their IPO.


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