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Not A Politics Guy, But….

Look, I don’t talk about politics mostly because I’m not smart enough. I don’t care to look into anything too much because frankly I don’t care about the subject matter and I don’t want to know. So, I wouldn’t say I am too stupid to understand (although I probably am) but I am just going to go with:  I don’t put in the effort to understand. Mostly to make myself feel better.

Anyway, the Kavanaugh hearings are today and since I am unemployed, I decided to flip it on. Here are some of my thoughts:

Its extremely hard to do what Christine Blasey Ford is doing. True, incredible strength, I believe her for sure. Everything checks out, she is open to any and all investigations, and she seems visibly upset. To go from never being on TV, to becoming the only thing 300 Million people are watching at the same time, live, while also being under oath is just mind boggling. I have seen females falsely accuse men in high power for the sake of gaining notoriety, and if that’s the case then she should go jail, herself. However, its not the case. She is seriously distraught and Brett Kavanaugh should be punished and in the very least does not deserve his seat on the Supreme Court.

Its crazy how easily I am swayed either way. Continuing my first paragraph, I just dont know enough about policies, viewpoints (on non-sports or rap), and opinions, etc. I mean I could watch CNN and believe everything they say and then flip on Fox News and believe everything they say. It’s just me being using logic to try and understand both sides. I feel like both sides have strong suits and both sides have down falls. This has nothing to do this this story (see above) it’s just political parties and media companies with an agenda in general. I just see both sides.

Lastly, much like white men trying WAY to hard to be not racist around any non-white human being, men are being so apologetic here too. White men are more apologetic and sharing their disgust in the situation which I totally agree with and believe. But to me its just funny to see all of this now. Like you don’t do this for the little old poor women who went through something worse, but you can go over the top with your disgust on live TV so people see how distraught YOU are about the situation, and how sympathetics YOU are.

I don’t know, shit like this bothers me, where people try to show how amazing they are indirectly. We get it guy, you feel bad for her. We all, do. Don’t try to out do us in feeling bad.


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