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Robert Kraft is a Traitor

I get that Mr. Kraft might be going a 3/4 life crisis. When you get old and want to feel young again, what do you do? You start hanging out with what the kids like. Who better than Kevin Hart, Joel Embiied, and Meek Mill. Three international superstars who have made their fame and presence known on social media for their respective career. Three different superstars in probably the three most popular mediums: comedy, rap, and basketball. Hang out with these guys and you’re in!

One problem though Mr. Kraft, you know how you OWN the New England Patriots. I am not sure if you remember but less than a year ago, your team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl.





Now if you are uncultured and don’t get how any of these make sense. These three moguls, celebrities, and superstars whom the kids love and adore are all from Philly. So much like Kevin Durant, Mr. Kraft has decided to follow the herd and become apart of a winning organization. As the old saying goes “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

Now, I am not a Patriots hater but it makes me sick to see traitors. Worse than that, I cannot stand traitors who leave a less successful and failing franchise to join the bandwagon. So, Mr. Kraft, I know you are getting up there in age and trying to fit in with the cool kids with your shoes and now new friends but don’ forget where you came from Mr. Kraft. Not a Patriots fan in the slightest, but if I was a Patriots fan I would demand you pick a side.

So sad to see the Three Headed Monster that is New England being burnt to the ground, but more than sad it’s great. I love it.


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