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‘Merica Baby

I love being a sports fan, but more than that I love being an American. Sometimes I forget that .

As the stupid, ignorant, straight white male that I am, and I mean that semi-sarcastically, I seriously don’t think I truly realize how great it is to be American. I have literally never been anywhere else in the world. I am not a very cultured guy, although I would like to be. I’m poor, somewhat scared to be on a plane, and I just never had the time. I’ve literally never been in another time zone than EST.

I am not one of those guys who wakes up next to his gun and hops in his pickup truck to go hang with bald eagles. Yes, I love America, but I don’t really ever outwardly show it. I am spoiled in a sense, like a rich white kid (not me) who takes a poor old caddie (me) cleaning his clubs as common and doesn’t tip. Well, the jokes on that fat rich spoiled brat, I barely cleaned up. So have fun hitting with dirty clubs.

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to wake up in a place and not be able to do whatever the fuck you want. It would be a nightmare. That’s why WE are the best. America is the best country on earth and that is a fact. Land of the free, Home of the brave.

I would like to be ‘more American’ and outwardly show it more than I do. Sometimes I feel like a Catholic who goes to church on Easter and Christmas. You’ll go to church with your family and the Priest says “Peace be with you” and you say what you have said your whole life “And also with you.” But then, hold up! Your voice echo’d through the entire Church as they people turnt their heads. They changed everything up on you; its like they knew you were lying and wanted to publicly out you in front of your parents, totally discrediting your claim that you go to church every Sunday. Now, its “And with your Spirit.” Your done, you can’t convince your mom otherwise, she knows you never go. I don’t want to be a ‘Holiday Catholic’ as much as I don’t want to be a  ‘Sports American,’ but watching America play sports is like nothing else.

I am American and I literally will never stop being an American. So when USA participates in sports, its a nice refresher of the pride I have to be American.

Sports is one of, if not the best thing in the world that sparks that patriotism across the country that we see in current and former Armed forces members at all times. It gives me the chills, I am so moved when we together as a nation come together. Through all the trials and tribulations we have in this country, sports help us forget our differences and bring to light the fact that we are all the same. It’s a nice break from the constant conflict we see everyday and we can truly appreciate each other. We are all humans, we are all one, and most importantly we are all Americans.

US Olympic Hockey Team, World Baseball Classic, Fifa World Cup, and so many more.


I wanted to write this blog because of the Ryder Cup today as I sit in my warm home watching with a beer, a hotdog, and friends of all kinds. Watching our squad in foreign land is different. Hearing the roars of the crowd for the opposition is inspiring and makes me feel that much more patriotic. I am extremely excited for the Ryder Cup and I am extremely Proud to Be an American.



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