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Earl Thomas Injures Leg, Leaves Field with Class

When players hold out, I really never understood. You make millions of dollars a year, do you really need that extra million? To do what? But a third house. Just play the game that you were put on this earth to play, make your money, which is soooo much more than an average person and be happy.

But then I started to realize that these guys are human. They don’t get to work until 65 like the rest of us with a stable income. A lot of these athletes, especially football, they are done at around 30, so it makes sense they want their money. Earl Thomas, Le’veon Bell, other holdouts, they are doing it to be a dickhead. They aren’t missing time with their boys because they are a Pre Madonna, they are holding out because they are looking for themselves.

When a team says “Its a business” after a tough trade or release of player, the public gets it. They treat the players like assets and not humans, and the fans totally understand. But when the players take care of their assets (which is their talent) they are seen as selfish and as bad teammates.

Earl Thomas is a prime example. He tried to hold out so he could finally get his money. One of the best safety’s in the league didn’t want to play until he could secure himself financially. Well the stubborn Seahawks couldn’t promise it but being the good guy he was he decided to join the team, albeit reluctantly. He very obviously didn’t want to be there all year.

Well now his season is done as he broke his leg yesterday and not only that but his future contact is now up in the air because of his health. So you can blame him for being mad or pissed off. Would you be mad if you just lost out of $45M. So you can be mad at people like Earl Thomas or Le’veon all you want, but in reality they have every right to do what they are doing.




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