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Football Coach Proves Football Coaches Don’t Pay Attention to Anything But Football

College Referees are known to like beer, and I would assume they still like beer! So, maybe they did rape UMass football but no one will know for sure. In a week that that was highlighted by sexual assault claims, this was just another claim that ended in a suspension.

The only problem is the person who was suspended was the victim. No before people freak out and demand us to believe victims, which we should, lets look at if the allegation is credible.

First things first, who is claiming who raped them? Ohh it’s a football coach from a low D-1 school claiming that they refs raped them? Yeah, cannot say that. Cannot absolutely not say that, its a serious thing that offends people and rightfully so.

Is Mark Whipple serious? Sure, when we were kids that was a ‘funny’ thing to say as we were just beginning to learn the word rape and what it actually meant, but once we all learned the seriousness of the crime, pretty sure we left that back with our 8 year old self. My only qualm with that is we as an adolescent seemed to then turn over to “pwned” which is just an egregious sounding and spelled word. I hate the word so much but to each it own.


But anyway, you cannot say that word at home today, let alone jokingly claim the refs ‘raped’ and entire football team. I am not sure if this is right term here, but it was obviously an hyperbole but a hyperbole you cannot utter in today’s world. Especially with the events of this past week, namely the Kavanaugh hearings.

To be fair to coach though, it is football season, so he probably doesn’t even know what year it is, let alone what happened this week. You think he has time to read the paper or watch the news? Yeah right, he has film to watch, a game to prepare for. Coach Whipple probably hasn’t slept since August.

But you have to know better here, you HAVE to know you can’t say it. College football coaches have ‘hold back guys’ now, they should hire ‘pop culture’ guys so coaches can know how to answer questions in press conferences. That is their only time in front of actual people besides football after all. The only positive thing that comes out of this is coach can now take some time to reflect and catch up on the news now that he is suspended. Spoiler coach, Trump is president!


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