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Presidential Alerts are Never a Good Sign




So Donald Trump texted us…Not to get to political but I never saw Obama text anyone? Bush never sent out a tweet? See what I did their I played both sides so neither side could call me out for being left or right. I’m a smart blogger, I know what it takes to make it in this business which of course is a strong take right down the middle so you cannot divide your audience!

Who is my audience?


Well thats a good questions. Analytics show we have an average of about 1 unique visitor a day from Norther New Jersey, which coincidentally happens to be where I am from. Now, is it possible this visitor is me? Of course its not possible. It is me. No one reads this blog…. yet. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in one day, am I right?!

No but seriously what a crazy world we are living in, we now can get texts from the President. Only like 70 years ago would you hear about a Presidents speech like 2 weeks after he made it and that was by word of mouth. Now if Trump thinks it in his toupee’d covered brain, we hear about it or read about it in 10 seconds. We can even see what our political leaders like in terms of tweets, S/O Ted Cruz.

The world is continually chaining rapidly and only a matter of time before we see a Robot in the White House and then we will be getting these updates the whole time. Yes, its kind of crazy know that the Government can do this shit as well, because we know very well they can look into our lives at the drop of the hat if they wanted. The government having access to all of our private and personal information is very well known, yet we as a public overlook it. Of course, there are some kooks out there like Adam Morrison, but for the most part we just let it slide. Kind of implementing the government’s own policy. Don’t ask, don’t tell.


Also, I love how they tried this for what reason. This is NEVER going to be good news. It’s never going to be news about a new National Holiday where we take off of work for a week. It’s never going to be anything positive. The best it can ever be is AFTER they announce something terrible, they send out a message saying false alarm. Hawaii was lucky enough to get those text messages earlier this year and wow, what a scare. Only negativity from he government, thanks Trump.

But seriously, I mean I get it deep down, but whenever the first ‘real’ alert from the President comes it’s going to be chaos and people won’t even care that they got the message. So thanks for nothing, @government, we are all now awaiting terrible news.


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