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So Long E-reck(ed the Giants Line)… Got Him



New York:


What a bust? I actually feel bad for Ereck Flowers and I don’t think I have ever heard the kid talk. He seems like one of those of people who is extremely shy and doesn’t like to say much but just goes about his business. He wants so badly to please everyone because he doesn’t like confrontation, but if you come to New York as a 1st round pick and don’t perform, the media will tear you down. That is exactly what happened here.

As a franchise, the Giants have always seemed to have a problem on their line and when they selected Ereck Flowers from Miami in the 2015 draft he seemed like a can’t miss prospect and a savior to one of the biggest holes on the New York Football Giants.

Well, the can’t miss 6’7 315 pound left tackle became exactly that, a gigantic hole that couldn’t be mended. He had a fine rookie season, but in 2016 and 17 seasons he seemed to be the biggest problem. I actually do think he was over blamed for an overall terrible line, meaning he took the brunt of the blame for a pretty consistently bad line across the roster, and he took it well. I never heard him complain, call out his team or anything.

There was even a time last year when I thought he was fixed. I thought this revolving door somehow figured it out and it was the combo of a bad o-line unit, a horrible coach, and a bunch of injuries, but NOPE! As soon as Coach Shurmur decided to pull the new Right Tackle Flowers, the line changed almost instantly. Saquon had his best game and Eli could stand in the pocket, it really was something I haven’t seen in the past 3 years. Chad Wheeler has been much better, and although the G-Men have more problems than Jay Z, the defender lining up against Flowers, is in fact NOT one.

In all seriousness, I wish Ereck the best as he moves forward because I did and still do feel bad for him. I think he does have it in him to be good in this league, he is just so not confident right now and in his head. I think a new, smaller market will be a good move for him.

With that being said, I want to let all the GM’s out there, he is actually really good. I would say definitely worth a pretty good trade, but we won’t ask for that much! We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, not even a starter, so we would even accept a back up quarterback like Mason Rudolph or something. I am not trying to get to greedy and get that bad, selfish reputation around the league, so just someone whose not even playing. He’s really good and great to have on the team, it will be worth it!



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