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Keith Olbermann is The Most Unbearable Person on Television, Don’t @ Me.

Wow, Keith Olbermann is a nightmare.

I have heard rumblings about how annoying it is to listen to him. As a former politician turned sports anchor, there was always that skepticism of “Hey nerd, what do you know about being an athlete or anything sports related.” To be honest, I never really took notice myself. I would see him on TV once in a while and think it was some sort of special event. “Ohh wow, something cool must be happening at SportsCenter because we have this politician on the TV, talking in a more serious tone than the likes of SVP, John Anderson, Bucci” or whoever else.

So with that I refused to say anything bad about the man, but hand up I am wrong. I don’t think I have ever been more wrong that I have been now. This man is unbearable. I would rather listen to Stephen Hawking on the 6pm show than have Olbermann. He not only knows very little about actual sports, but he patronizes the viewer by showing the weird little quirks he does know.

He can’t tell you who is on the Lakers in 2018, even though its the most covered team in the NBA currently, but he can tell you the Assistant GM back in 1978. Awesome Keith, way to connect with the younger audience.

Let alone his knowledge of actual sports, anyone can read off a prompter or say anything they just read to prepare. The biggest reason I just realized I cannot stand this man is his horrific, terrible, dad jokes. Female Body Inspector?


Antonio Brown who reportedly threw an ottoman out a window and almost hit a 22month old toddler. Now first off, lets call it as it is, the toddler is not 22 months, he is almost 2 years old so lets call it that man. Our brains are too stupid to realize the the kid is almost 2. He should be able to be interview for comment, but when you put it in months, I think he was just born. This is not a new thing but change it.

Anyway to quote Keith about the backlash of the incident: “No word from Coach Tomlin, Antonio, or the ottoman.”


Ohh I get it because ottomans can’t talk. Ha. Funny.

ESPN trying to fight for that 18-34 demo and we are getting jokes like this?! Come on, its 2018, kids are drinking and having sex at 14, lets up the humor here. Keith Olbermann would kill at a retirement home, that I am confident in. But on the 6pm live SportsCenter, he should change his name to Keith OVERmann, because he’s done! HA.

Ohh live update: I was just about to finish the blog and then when talking about the Yankees vs. Red Sox, he said “Coming off a 15 run loss last night the Yankees are in a hole… except WAIT, This just in: Runs do not carry over the night before.”

Oh man, I think I’ve found my least favorite person in the world.


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