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Jimmy Butler is a Bully

This is a baaaad look for KAT. This guys is supposed to be the next big man in the NBA. We can’t have one of the best big man in the NBA being bodied by Jimmy Butler! Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Jimmy butler and even more so after the stories today but man up KAT.

If you’re KAT and you’re 7 feet tall and Butler is 6’8. Thats 4 inches. That is a ton of inches. I would know, my girlfriend lets me know its really a lot of inches all the time. That would be like me looking down on a 5’7.5″ guy. That is really short. I would be looking down at a jockey. I would make him hold my jock strap, let alone let him BODY me in the post.


All of this is obviously just here say as Butler has confirmed “a lot of that is true” but you gotta believe its true. Jimmy is a man on a mission right now. He is a man on a mission and wants out of Minnesota obviously so he took his frustration on the perceived ‘lax” Karl Anyhony. What a white name by the way, Karl Anthony. He actually played baseball and golf in HS so I guess it kind of makes sense.

Jimmy is obviously very mad here, I don’t think necessarily at KAT, but he’s mad that KAT got a contract and he didn’t. So KAT is in a weird predicament here, but you still have to stick up for yourself. Its like when a starter gets benched and then gets mad at the player who took his spot. If that bench player came up to you and challenged you, as Jimmy allegedly did to KAT today then you need to man up and show him what your worth. Prove it KAT!

What a crazy story coming from Minnesota of all places. Craziest thing to hit Minnesota since they built the second city.


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