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Yankees Ruined the Next 2 Weeks For Me

As a former college baseball player people think I love baseball, everyone I meet even some of my closer friends will constantly ask whats going on in the game. I hate baseball, I can’t stand it. Is it a thing where I am bitter because I didn’t make it and now I am an unemployed loser who doesn’t know how to do anything besides hit, field, and throw? No, absolutely not.

I just really don’t like game very much. I think what the haters said I was growing up is correct, it’s a boring slow game, but because I was ‘good’ and wanted to play professionally, I put on my blinders and just kept playing. Now that I am out of the game forever, I barely watch, I barely think about it and when I do it’s rarely positive.

With that being said I am not some bitter ex-girlfriend. In fact, I have no problem watching baseball if I am interested in the game. So the beginning of the season I would flip games on a decent amount. Then of course, my degenerate gambling habit has certainly made me turn on a few games. But as a sports lover you GD bet I am going to watch the playoffs. I will watch any playoffs, baseball is no different.

I write this the night after the Yankees lose because I am honestly upset about it. I don’t care about the Yankees at all, I couldn’t care less that the Red Sox won, I just miss the aura around the city when the Yankees are in the playoffs. The feeling you get when you go to a bar on Thursday with a Yankee playoff game on is like no other. I need that feeling in my life. I just need it.


The Knicks, Mets, Jets, and Nets all suck and the only team I really truly care about in sports, the Giants have not been doing anything, so I was loving the Yankees in the post season. I kind of feel like a chick for this because I am saying “I don’t care about sports, I just think its fun to have sports on.”

Well thats fine I sound like a chick then, because its awesome to just be around the Big Apple when its happening, it really is. Baseball Sucks, Yankees- I don’t care, fun for me- I need.


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