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I Hate When the Giants Play on Primetime

As a Giants fan we seem to be put in the spotlight all of the time and for a while it was rightfully so. One of the biggest rivals was QUOTE: Americas team, the Dallas Cowboys and we are right in the heart of America, the Big Apple. Having such a historic franchise with the talent that has walked through these doors is certainly a means to play on national television. But I will be honest, as a big time Giants fan, I am sick of it.

First off, I didn’t want to go with Die Hard fan, because those guys are lame. I love the Giants, I am a huge fan but I am not going to paint my face and spends thousands of dollars going to every game home or away. Fuck those guys to be honest. I get that its a schtick and they make money, but I couldn’t imagine walking up to the counter at CVS with 400 bottles of blue face paint because I am going to a game. Get out of here with that, although I do love you License Plate Guy.


I am sick of it though, I am sick of being on national television as a Giants fan. For starters, playing in prime time kind of sucks in my opinion. I love the idea of sitting down watching my team intently on a Sunday afternoon while getting updates form other games as I watch. When the Giants play primetime, I am not as invested on other Sunday’s. I don’t have an excuse to lay on the couch all day every day with as much excitement.

I also watch them every single week from the start to the end, and I enjoy getting a glimpse of teams you don’t really see. So when the Giants are primetime, I miss out on that opportunity. A lot of this is me ranting and raving from a dumb fans perspective, but its all the truth at least from my perspective.

But the biggest reason, why I am sick of all of this primetime stuff is the Giants are horrible. We can crucify Odell all we want but he is right, we have problems and it starts with the quarterback. I am sick and tired of the praise that Eli gets because he won two Superbowls. Why is every fan caught up on what happened in the past. The only thing I could say is maybe the guy gets a pass for the year AFTER they win and only the year after. But in today’s #winnow environment, a very serious movement I just made up, we are not doing that. Yes, I love Eli for the Superbowls, I will always love him but he is not a good quarterback anymore. Please get him out of there.


That is why I hate primetime, because we suck. We are 1-4 this season and 4-17 if you include last season, we are awful and I am sick and tired of showcasing how bad we are to the world.

I am getting bullied by my friends for being so bad.

Get me off primetime Roger.

P.S. The only positive is these fire uni’s which should be our normal uniforms



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