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Technology Ruins Yet Another Relationship

Technology has done it again. Text Messaging, iCloud, Google Maps, when is technology going to have some remorse for the bad people of the world. Listen if your going to cheat, you making a huge mistake. I don’t want to call you a scumbag because people change. I mean look at Bruce Jenner, 5 years ago he was banging Kris Jenner and now he she can’t because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage. So I get it, people change. It’s a scumbag more but I know most people are not full time scumbags.

With its constant interaction with out daily lives, technology has become a problem for all low life’s, losers, cheaters, etc. It’t now much harder to get away with anything if using technology. Why? Because they don’t get. A person who fully understand how technology works would never put themselves in a situation in which they can get caught doing something, and a person who continually puts themselves in a situation like that doesn’t understand technology. So much so that Jason Segal even made a movie about it with Cameron Diaz.


Google Maps is the tattle tale in this story as we have a women cheating on her husband in the park. Her husband found her with another man on Google Maps which means her husband is a psychopath for scouring Google Maps for that long because he had an inclination she was cheating. What an odd thing. Don’t you have something better to do with your time, like maybe hire an investigator or follow her and find out for yourself.

Full disclosure I don’t know who the husband is, but he can’t feel too bad about this. The ‘cheating man’ is such a beta. He is lying on the bench with his head on the wife’s lap, getting his head and belly rubbed. UHHHHHHH. Be more of a beta man, you can’t. If you’re the husband and you’re more of an Alpha than him, then good, you should be happy your wife left you for a loser. But if she moved UP in the world and went after a more manly man, you have bigger problems there husband.


Just another crazy way in which technology is ruining our lives and eventually going to kill us.





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