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Really Good Blog Defending Aaron Rodgers

I hate Aaron Rodger so much. I HATE HIM. I HATE HIM. I HATE HIM. And you know what else, I am not the only one. There is a long list of Aaron Rodgers haters: his brother, his mom, his dad, Olivia Munn, All State, fans of every team minus the Packers, etc. I could go on and on but I will stop there to save the readers eyeballs.


Ha…. they broke up and she’s better looking than Danica.

How can anyone in their right mind like this guy, he’s worse than the Patriots and the Boston fans. I don’t care that he only has one super bowl, and honestly he almost never plays my team, but he is just a #fuccboi. Thats right, I have him the fucc boi title, because there is no other words to describe him. He is just one of those people that no one likes, but is soooooooo fucking good at what he does that it gets you so mad. My roommate was like that. I have never wished ill things upon a man until I met my roommate. (NOT ANYMORE). I hated him because of who he was as a person, but more than that, I hated how good he was at absolutely everything. Baseball, Golf, Video games, fixing computers… you name it he was an expert. The only thing he wasn’t good at was being cool.


Aaron Rodgers is worse than my roommate because he is doing all of this on a national scale and has been doing it for years. He is one of the best QB’s to ever do it, but man I wish he wasn’t. He is just so annoying, its like he is playing with all of the fans because he knows how much everyone hates him. He will bring every game down to the wire and then make these absolutely perfect passes in the perfect time while OF COURSE getting every single lucky turn of even he can get.

I mean those passes at the end of the game were too easy for him to make. As my Grandpa used to say after my baseball games: “You couldn’t hit water if you fell out of a boat.” Well, maybe the boats on land Grandpa… but also Aaron Rodgers was the total opposite, he would properly hit the right substance if on the boar, he would hit water every time, almost too good. I am sick of his perfection. He doesn’t deserve it and is a shitty person.


On the flip side, they beat the quarterback less 49ers on a last second field goal. Better than that, there are rumors that Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy are butting heads in Green Bay, which of course comes as no surprise to anyone in the world. So this is a good sign for a Packers hater. The fact that the Packers are now celebrating a win vs. the 49ers is a step in the right direction. I am hoping this continues to go the right direction so they can break up and Aaron Rodgers plays on a sub .500 for the rest of his career.

The last thing I will say about the Packers and how much they annoy me is the end of the game. Mason Crosby, the kicker formerly known as Missin Crosby or as Skip Bayless calls him, Mason Crossbar, made the kick that won the game with time expiring. Again, it was the 49ers, so who cares. Anyway, after the game he was asked to give an interview and did so like this:


Now I want to give him the benefit of the doubt here because kickers NEVER give interviews, ever. But I mean come on man, unless you need to wear a helmet at all times, you should know that interviews are done helmet free. I mean have you ever seen a football game, an interview, any TV ever. It’s not even like a respect of courtesy thing, its just like dude….what? There is one other explanation that I can understand and its that he is afraid people will know what he looks like. So, Missin Crosby has been terrible lately and with the fans of Green Bay being the owners, he may be nervous of losing his job. He made a 28 yarder. That’s cake. Let’s see what he can do with a 45+ yarder to see if he really still has it. So he was probably trying to hide his face so the fans/ owners don’t know what he looks like, because we all know the rules: Can’t fire what you can’t see. Thats just facts.

Fuck the Packers, Fuck Aaron Rodgers.

P.S. I hope you like the douchebag pictures of this douchebag.



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