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Manny Machado Continues to Be A POS

I need to move to LA. I don’t know if this makes me lame, but I can’t stay up for these late games. If you keep running into a problem, you’re the problem and for me that is staying up for west coast sports because I miss things like this.

Manny Machado seems so cool. The dude is 26 years old and has been in the league for like 7 years, he is an incredible hitting, he has one of the strongest arms in baseball, and he just has that ‘swag’ you don’t see a ton. Full disclosure, I hate using the word swag, I feel like a 11 year old kid wearing fluorescent blue Under Armour shorts below the knees complimented by all the way pulled up Nike neon yellow socks and Red James Harden Adidas shoes… just disgusting, but thats what using the word ‘swag’ feels like. But on the other hand there is no other word to describe him. He is just so suave, smooth and cool, but those three combined is swag.

I want to like him, but I can’t the dude is just a mess. I mean he’s got everything going for him and about to get a $300M+ contract and he does things like this? I don’t want to hear its because he’s competitive or anything like that because this was not a competitive move at all. He was out, it wasn’t competitive, it was mal-intent. Did Aguilar have his foot on the base too long? Sure, but that doesn’t mean you attempt to break his ankle? Of course not. What Aguilar did was just annoying as it relates to the ‘unwritten rules of baseball,’ what Machado did was just wrong. What would have happened if he got severely injured? He would have been called a scumbag, dirty player, etc. but because he didn’t a lot of baseball analysts are saying it wasn’t a dirty play, but rather a ‘bush league’ play. Get out of here it was a dirty play, the intent was there. People still go to jail if they attempt to kill someone and fail, they are still called a scumbag. Machado is a scumbag because he did what he did, I don’t know if he particular meant to hurt Aguilar, but he still did what he did. There are better ways to get the message of ‘get off the bag’ across to Aguilar, like maybe saying it on your way back to the dugout.

If last night wasn’t enough to prove he is dirty, remember this play?


The dude is a dirty player and has a reputation. Going into the offseason as a free agent, this was interesting move, considering teams are going to have decide whether or not they want to pay him. Teams will, because he is so talented, but things like this cannot happen. I can’t describe how dirty this is. Aguilar should have popped him in the mouth.


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