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Can’t Spell Elite with Two Eli’s

If you go on NFL Twitter today, you will see the same joke sprinkled underneath the NFL-insiders breaking news tweets:


I could go on forever.

These aren’t wrong. I, as much as any other Giants fan love Eli Manning for what he has done, but I think it’s safe to say that while both Eli’s turned a corner this year, Apple was the only one heading in the right direction.

The 2016 First Round Pick was a stretch for the Giants to get him that high, but back in the day, what else could they have used? A lineman? I mean sure if there was anyone worthy available at that point. Correct me if I am wrong but Laremy Tunsil was the only available lineman worth getting and I was not about to allow my favorite team to have a marijuana smoker. Not on my watch. So, I didn’t hate the Eli Apple pick, didn’t know much about him but it wasn’t terrible. (Of course we should have gotten Laremy Tunsil, but hand up at the time I didn’t realize how good he was, but now I definitely wish they got him.)

Then his first two years happened and they couldn’t have gone any worse. Eli Apple was by far the worst corner on the team and as Landon Collins, one of the defensive captains, so aptly pointed out: “He is like a cancer on the team,” or something like that. Whenever someone you should be close with calls you out for being a cancer on the team, you are probably not a very good teammate. Think Dwight Howard on any team ever.

Gettleman coming in this year looking to erase the 2017 season from the NY Giants’ memories, ultimately decided to stick with both Eli’s as they began the year. Both of which you could make the argument needed to get out. Most Giants fans and football enthusiasts would have told you Manning still had it and the o-line last year was terrible, which it was. At the same time, I think if you followed the games at all during their 3-13 season you could tell he was losing it. Injuries had a lot to do with it but both Eli’s needed to go. Apple was a cancer and Manning was withering down to nothing.

But Gettleman didn’t do that, he kept them both. To much surprise to most, although begrudgingly not mine, Eli Manning has played awful and will continue to be awful on account of being 37 and #done. The o-line needs help yes, but the poor play from the o-line is certainly heightened when you have a Quarterback who falls to the ground every time a defensive players crosses the line of scrimmage. Eli Apple on the other hand has played extremely well this year. He has not only mended his relationship with the rest of the team but he has effectively shut down everyone he lined up against. He has made up for the poor play of Janoris Jenkins and has seemed to be right there at the top with Landon Collins, his former enemy, as the best player on the secondary.

So while the jokes coming in that they traded the ‘wrong Eli’ are true, they aren’t funny. They need help and they need it now. Trading for a 2019 4th round pick and 2020 7th round pick? I certainly don’t love it, not at all in fact, I thought they could have gotten much more. He was a first rounder and while he hasn’t been playing at a first round talent it looks as though he is turning that corner and becoming one of the better players on a talented, although bad team. And if you read the beginning of the blog, you would know another Eli on the team is turning a corner, just the wrong way. Where was getting a quarterback in this situation? Teddy Bridgewater, Taysum Hill, anyone else?


Just a pic of Teddy Bridgewater in case no one knows who I am talking about.

If the plan is to rebuild staring next year, I guess thats fine and I respect it, but sit Saquon, Engram, OBJ, and Shep because they only have so many bullets in their career. Especially Saquon as he evades at least one tackle every run, but that is a blog for another time. Let Eli Manning have his farewell tour, go 3-13 again and get out. Not trying to be to harsh on the dude, but this is New York City baby, it’s not what have you done for me in your lifetime, its what have you done for me lately. That applies both ways. For Eli Manning, thats nothing and for Eli Apple, its a good amount. So I don’t love the trade, think they could have gotten more, but I guess I can’t say I hate it either as we look to rebuild.

Guess its Justin Herbert/Will Grier SZN now.

P.S. The way this organization is being run right now, I would not be surprised if they actually traded the wrong Eli. They were fully set on getting rid of Eli Manning to appease the fans, but of course New Orleans doesn’t want him, so they tricked them into giving up a young corner with talent. I bet Mara and Gettleman are just fuming right now as they realized what they did.



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