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Steelers Fall to 7-4-1

One thing I can promise you that I won’t do in the next 50 lines is blame the refs. I will not blame them for the blown false start on a 50 yard Chargers’ touchdown. I will not blame them for the block in the back on the Chargers’ punt return touchdown. I will not blame them for (maybe) missing the long snapper flinching on the negated, last-second blocked field goal. I just won’t do it.

Because in reality, “We Got Screweds” equal out over time. There are plenty of games in the last few years that the Steelers wouldn’t have won without a favorable call or two, and there’s been a few games where the opposite is true. Last night might have been one of those nights, but that’s what happens. It didn’t happen in the Super Bowl. It didn’t happen in the Playoffs. It didn’t happen (again) against the Patriots. Let’s count our lucky stars here folks.

To begin the recap, Idiot-Man predicted a blowout Steelers win, so I knew we had something to be worried about:

Idiot-Man was not finished. The football gods ignored his dumb, stupid tweet and were letting the Steelers do their thing. So, Idiot-Man doubled down:

I’ve done four of these now, and I already run circles around Idiot-Man.


Other highlights on the recapping front included the Steelers alumni weekend, highlighted by a thunderous ovation for James Harrison, the former disgruntled employee turned Patriot a year ago. Personally, I hated the entire situation with “Deebo” last season. A former defensive player of the year, Super Bowl Champion and fellow creatine aficionado, I didn’t like him leaving so unceremoniously.  It was nice to hear to ovation for #92. Hopefully it heals some of the wounds both sides have been wearing since last season.


Also, we got owned on Twitter!

I laughed at this tweet. Big-time Rofl-Copter from the intern that wrote this.



1. I for one am of the belief that the Steelers are a better team than the Chargers. But that doesn’t really matter. What does matter, however, is the fact that it is very hard to beat a team twice in a NFL season – especially when the teams are relatively evenly matched, talent wise. The Black & Gold outplayed Los Angeles last night, but came up with a heartbreaking loss. This combination bodes well for a potential playoff rematch.

2. Before last night, the Steelers, in their entire history, were an absolutely loony 202-0-2 at home when leading by 14 points at any point in the game. 204 games, zero losses! This is a stat that would pop up over the years, and I never much cared about it. But, a random Sunday night against the Chargers is the night it was going to end? Doesn’t feel very theatrical. Maybe it’s LA’s year, man!

3. Big Ben leads the NFL in passing yards. (Editor’s Note: This blog was almost that sentence and nothing else.)

4. Last week’s post called for an Antonio Brown classic, in the neighborhood of 15 catches and 210+ yards to restore the natural order of things. We got 10, for 154. I, for one, will take it and firmly believe A.B. will finish the season strong, and certainly regain his spot as the Steelers receiving leader by year’s end.

5. The defense was good last night. Back when the game was a blowout, L.A. could not move the football. Even after False-Start-Gate, the Bolts only had a seven spot heading into the half. Vincenzo Williams continues to improve. Javon Hargrave is slowly rising to (don’t freak out) potential Pro-Bowl status. Even Terrell Edmunds made a play! I have hope for this defense.

6. Boswell missed another PAT! In the past two season, Chris Boswell has missed seven field goals. He has also missed seven PATs. When he inevitably misses to lose the Patriots game, you can catch me getting a head start on Pirates blogs.

7. Yesterday, Chargers kicker Michael Badgely missed a 53 yard field goal. That would have tied the record for longest in Heinz Field history… for an NFL game. The actual longest field goal at the facility, came off the toe of Jarod Brown of the Old Dominion Monarchs. If nothing else, this is a fun fact. It’s also some very heinous bullocks.


I think I get about one more loss before I have to stop saying “Were fine” in such a cocksure manner, but one more loss I will accept. The ‘Lers played well on both sides of the ball (not special teams, though. Oh, Christ not special teams), and it took a few ridiculous plays, iffy calls and a last second field goal to beat them. We’re fine!

The Steelers get the Raiders next Sunday before back-to-back juggernauts: home with New England and at New Orleans. Always the optimist, I would like to think the Steelers get out of this 3 week stretch at 9-5-1, with a win over Oakland and either New England or New Orleans. Time will tell, as it always does. Until then, I will have ESPN on mute.


I’ll see yinz in Oakland.



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