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Movies & Malts: “Searching” (2018) Review

Jesus. JESUS. What a ride. I honestly feel like I need a glass of water after this movie. Kind of like Taken, if Taken was any good. Wildly entertaining, and never quick to take the easy way out, Searching is one of the most entertaining movies of 2018.


Why I chose this movie: A mystery with an IMDB score above a 7.5 user, 70 critic score? HA, yeah lemme just pass on that one. Mhm. Yep, sure.

Prediction: I had been trying to watch this movie for a God-forsaken month, so I figured I was sure to be disappointed, because that’s the way the life cookie crumbles sometimes, man (plus I only knew one actor).

Price: $6 rental (cheaper than a Dave’s Triple at Wendy’s)

Liquid movie accompaniment: Fighting Cock Bourbon -Recommend!


I bought the 103 proof version of this, and lemme tell ya. They weren’t pullin’ any punches on that percentage. Jeeze oh man. I think I’ll just stick to one of these Bad Larrys for movie nights from now on. Make it a double, though.


Let’s get down to brass tacks.


The Plot

The first thing to point out about this movie, is that the on screen action is almost completely presented from the characters’ everyday “screens” – computers, cell phones, televisions, etc. Right away, this makes for a unique viewing experience. We’re drawn right in with a 5 minute montage, detailing the history of the protagonist family – the Kims. Daughter Margot is a piano-playing, AP-Bio student and father David is a single-parent, with a full time job. They were the completely normal beginning-of-the-movie family, where you knew the most heinous bullocks was about to go down, or else why would they make a movie about them!? Tipped your hand a bit there, Agneesh. But anyways, Margot goes TI-84-calculator-before-a-Calc-final missing, and we’re off to the races.

The resulting investigation is a wild ride, packed with numerous twists and turns – kind of some Lucky Number Slevin style twists (however, maybe not as absolutely mental). The type of twists that you can see coming, but then jump off at the last second for greener pastures, only for the movie to jump back to the idea you original had. Oh, what an idiot you are for that! There are also a handful of very cool, very realistic, very unsettling things done online by the father in this movie, that might encourage you to make your Instagram password a little harder to figure out. If this all sounding a little too tame for you, the following is a list of sub-themes touched upon in the 102 minute ride:

Fake IDs



Incest (don’t worry)







For the Snobs

This movie is Vince-Wilfork-on-Black-Friday heavy with the foreshadowing. Some low hanging fruit, some a lot more nuanced, there are dozens that stand out. This is the type of flick where you and your movie group have to sit and discuss for 10 minutes after to make sure you found all of the subtle hints from earlier in the movie. The type of movie you want to watch back immediately for all the “how’d I miss that!?” moments for which there are plenty.

The aforementioned style also adds to this movie quite a bit. Some of the ah-ha moments you get in most thrillers, are elevated by the fact that it’s mostly a guy on his computer, looking for clues. So not only, do we emotionally connect with a distraught father, we can literally see his thought processing working out on his screen, as if we are watching him solve the case live. If all $6 movies were this much fun, I’d never go out again.

Side note: Before watching this movie would be a great time to remember a favorite movie adage of mine: everything that you see on the screen, is there for a reason.


Bottom Line

Would I recommend this movie? Absolutely. I don’t think there was any attempt at greatness here, but the thrills are more than enough to keep the movie-goer happy, and some of the more technical aspects take it up something extra. The characters are completely legitimate and believable, and upon ending credits, no stone is un-turned and no end loose. The bottom line? You will go home happy.

But then again, I was blasted on Fighting Cock.


Rating: 7.8/10


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