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The Christmas Debate: Settled

I love Christmas so much. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite and therefore the best holiday itself, but I think the time period between Thanksgiving and up to actual Christmas Day is the best time of the year. The colors, the lights, the spirit of the holiday, its fabulous!

Ok, back to being straight.

Every year the same discussions make their way out of the woodwork, from all the losers out there as we near the Christmas season.

“Christmas music is too early this year!”

“You can’t say Merry Christmas!”

“Santa isn’t real”

Ok, Scrooges


Not only that, but this year some new PC propaganda has been pushed down our throats. In particular, the “Ohh baby, it’s Cold Outside” song is now problematic, and OHH YEA… So is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer! What a world. I won’t even get into either of these because 1) makes no sense and gets me too triggered. 2) I may write another blog about this particular issue. 3) I am tackling a bigger issue here.

The Grinch is better than Elf. Hands down.

It just is, I am not sorry about this at all and I really won’t even get into why, because I don’t feel like it, but it just is. Don’t get me wrong I like Elf, in fact I love it, it’s hilarious. But, it doesn’t even sniff the bottoms of the Grinch. The Grinch is a classic and it’s time people started acting like it and the Grinch got the respect it deserves.

It’s important to note that I am talking about the Jim Carey edition, not this new animated bullshit.

But anyway the Grinch:

It has a better message, it’s more Christmas themed, and its funnier by a long shot. I love Will Ferrell as much as the next guy, but I am sick of the notion that Elf is better. Why is it funnier? Because he’s an adult dressed up as an Elf in NYC? So what. I work in NYC and I can tell you that I see people dressed up in millions of things every single day, no matter the time of year. However, I did promise myself to make this blog about how the Grinch itself and not rip on Elf, because at the end of the day Elf is still hilarious, great movie. It just happens to be #2 in terms of Christmas movies, right behind the best.

The Grinch is funny enough to be watched year round. Yeah its Christmas themed, but it doesn’t have to only be watched in December. Jim Carey is funny in everything he does and he does not disappoint here. The little subtleties of the Grinch and how he lives is what makes the movie funny. Honestly words can’t describe it. Eating glass, his voicemail machine, the echo he hears, I mean it’s gold. You need to watch the movie, pay attention to understand and fully appreciate a lot of the throw away lines. I think Carey improvised a lot and it showed. He certainly got into the ‘Grinch-y’ character and this brought out the quick one-liners and throw aways that make the movie so great.

Aside from that, the whole premise is hilarious. I mean a Grinch in a city of people with funny-looking noses with an absolutely outrageous looking town and people. A girl with the name of Cindy Lou Who! It’s s’Christmas! (Shoutout Chris D’elia) I am not looking for real word scenario’s such as NYC pizza and fun dates anyway. It’s Christmas, I want to be living in the silly world we can create. Just all in all classic, that I don’t think should be overlooked.

For whatever reason, there is an agenda out there to get everyone on board that Elf is the greatest Christmas movie of all time. Theres way more quotes, costumes, etc. Maybe a recency bias dilemma, but I think it has since died out and the tide is shifting. The Grinch is better and I encourage you to re-watch. If you have a good sense of humor you’ll agree.

I do believe everything I just wrote but also, it may just be this: We see ourselves in the movies we love and I have never resonated with a gif more than this after the Grinch couldn’t find an outfit.

Wow, way to finish up in a ‘not gay’ way Tj.



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