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Recapping the MLB Winter Meetings for the NY Yankees

I’ve been a baseball fan for as long as I can remember. I played in college, I always aspired to play professionally (but literally wasn’t even close to good enough), but one thing I’ve never understood is the Winter meetings. I simply don’t understand the purpose of it. Every year at about the midway point of the Major League Baseball offseason, players, coaches GMs, Agents, and the like meet in Las Vegas to discuss… well I don’t really know. And I don’t think anyone knows. For whatever reason this is some big, constructed event every offseason but nobody really knows what happens. Sure, some guys get traded, or signed, or released, but why wait to do it at some stupid convention?

Whatever the story, whatever the game that’s being played, it doesn’t really matter. This year’s MLB winter meetings fucking SUCKED. Nothing crazy happened. No steroid busts. No super eventful trades, aside from the Goldschmidt trade (BUT guess what? The hype of that was ruined when people realized he was being traded to the vanilla-ice-cream-w/- no-sprinkles St. Louis Cardinals). Overall, the 2018 Winter Meetings receive a grade of D-.

A wrote a blog a few weeks back about my beloved Yankees after they traded for James Paxton and essentially gave up nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rescinding my hype. They’re fucking back, trust me. But I am a little, tiny, trivially, petite amount worried about their direction at the moment. First, they lose out on the race for Patrick Corbin. Is this the end of the world? Nah. BUT, here’s my issue: he was clearly the #1 pitcher in the FA market and they refused to get even close to what he was asking for. Cmon? You’re the fucking Yankees. You’ve got money to blow. And that’s exactly what they need to do if they wanna catch the Sox: BLOW IT!

Another issue I’ve got pertains to the Machado & Harper sweepstakes. Yankees GM Brian Cashman was frankly confusing at the winter meetings. First, he says that they essentially don’t care about Harper. Now, I understand what you’re thinking, hE’s NoT eVeN tHaT gOoD. Yeah, but I’d kindly like to ask you to go fuck yourself. There’s literally no downside to getting Harper if you’re the Yankees. He’d be you’re LF, in his prime, at age 26, playing over BRETT GARDNER, with that sweet ass lefty swing in Yankee Stadium. On top of that he’s got that A Rod-esque douchebagness that would fit in perfectly to the evil empire.

The other side of the coin, here, is Machado. Cashman was a bit different when talking about Manny. Still, despite the fact that he wasn’t explicitly saying no to the idea, he seemed to be portraying a clear lack of interest. Now, WHY? This is what I’d ask Cashman – the alleged genius of MLB GMs: why not pay Machado what we all know he’s worth, trade Miguel Andujar (the 2018 AL ROY) (yes, I know he didn’t actually win because Ohtani won, but Ohtani knows he shouldn’t have won therefore we should acknowledge the true recipient) for a top tier starting pitcher, and go win 5 World Series’ in a row?

Instead, Cashman was just tossing around lackluster comments like some prestigious douche. Obviously I love Brian. But sometimes I just think things are too simple for him. Instead, he’s going to do some crazy bullshit like sign Daniel Murphy and then I’ll be here next winter writing a similar type of story. Another issue is that Cashman seems to think that everyone wants to just stroll over and play for the Yankees. I don’t think this is the case anymore. Especially in today’s MLB. I’d compare it to other NBA superstars wanting to play with Lebron. If they got paid enough money and had to do it, then sure they’d go play with him. But it would take incentive to get them to go and do it. For whatever reason, I think the Yankees are in the same boat right now. So, Cashman @ co. need to seriously reconsider whatever mind boggling games they’re playing right now, and go out and spend some money. If they were as aggressive as the Phillies and/or White Sox right now, this would be their opening day lineup:

1. Aaron Hicks, CF

2. Aaron Judge, RF

3. Giancarlo Stanton, DH

4. Bryce Harper, LF

5. Manny Machado, SS

6. Gleyber Torres, 2B

7. Luke Voit, 1B

8. Gary Sanchez, C

9. Miguel Andujar, 3B (until Didi comes back in June, then we’ll see ya)



1. Luis Severino

2. James Paxton

3. Masahiro Tanaka

4. JA Happ

5. CC Sabathia (until Andujar get traded for a top tier starter when Didi gets back)


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