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Remember Jackass?

So let’s start with a little backstory here. During my senior season as a college baseball player me and @PGBL_ got on a little kick where we would sneak alcohol into our hotel room and watch Jackass. BECAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT?? Anyways, I’m trashed right now with the old man. We were watching sports, but on this shitty Thursday night there wasn’t quite an abundance of options. So we’re searching through the channels and we come across the ORIGINAL film, and WOW it’s fucking amazing.

Let’s discuss a little more why Jackass was genius. First of all, let me honestly ask: who and the fuck would actually do the shit they’re doing? Honestly, there’s no shot that anyone would do this shit. That’s why it’s genius. Think about the market share for this shit. They are the SOLE proprietors of this shit and rightfully so. The first scene we come across is Steve-O doing a tight rope over an alligator pond with meat strapped in his G-String. Please, PLEASE, tell me if you’d do that. These guys were fucking awesome. They make shit that makes me, you, and everyone laugh.

I wish they made more ridiculous entertainment like this today. Steve-O snorting wasabi. Bam Margera lighting fireworks in his house at 1 am. Yes, this same Bam Margera:

I mean FUCK. Can you imagine? And this was only the start of it. This man put an alligator in his own kitchen at the house of his own family. Holy shit. This isn’t meant to be funny. I’m serious here. Can you guys imagine doing the shit they did. Real quote from the OG Trey: “if Bam was my kid I would fuck that kid up.” Wow. What a time.

This is what America is missing today. We need more lighthearted attempts at entertainment. Instead, comedy consists of “what’s politically correct.” Fuck those people. Why can’t we live in this world.

That’s all I’ve got. Nothing intuitive, or funny, or smart. Just a fat WHY. Why can’t we live in those times. That’s all. I highly recommended that you all go reminisce.






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