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UFC Heavyweight division is about to get REAL

There is nothing like a fight between the big lads to main event a show, and boy oh boy, are we gonna get some doozies in the next few months. After cheating scumbag Jon Jones knocks out Alexander Gustafsson in the third round (book it), it only makes sense that the popcorn muscle, glory boy finally jumps up to heavyweight.

Let me paint you a picture: a mini heavyweight tournament of sorts, consisting of only 4 fighters – the biggest four draws the UFC has right now, not hailing from Dublin, Ireland.

Fight 1: Daniel Cormier vs. Brock Lesnar

This fight would probably be boring as piss all things considered, but just stop talking and take my money. I love both of these big, sweaty men. You may be saying “But PGBL, you called Jones a cheater, and you love Brock?! What are you a hypocrite or something?! Lmfao😂😂”- *avatar is a mirror pic in a LeBron jersey*.

To this, I would say call me when Jon Jones is a WWE champion and then WALTZES into UFC 200 and beats a top ten heavyweight. CALL ME WHEN THAT HAPPENS. Anyways, this fight is already penciled in to UFC’s future plans, and I predict a swift victory for the defending champ, Dad-Bod Daniel. But what a spectacle it will be to see Brock make his return, after CUTTING WEIGHT TO MAKE 265. Hahahah Christ.

Fight 2: Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic

Did Stipe deserve an immediate rematch against D.C. (Responses to @PGBL_ please)? I actually say no. I know that’s unpopular but you can’t get sparked in round 1 and then complain about an immediate rematch. I don’t care if you defended the belt 20 times, let alone Stipe’s three. And I don’t want this to come off as hate.. I like Stipe a lot, and he presents a lot of tough characteristics for glory-boy Jones. Both are excellent strikers (albeit Jones’ kicks vs. Stipe as more of a boxer) and underrated grapplers (especially in Miocic’s case), with good cardio. The edge has to go to Jones here, but as Tony Romo would say, “EHHHH I DON’T KNOW!!!”. I may just be feeling frisky enough to lay down some action on Cleveland’s favorite firefighter. Either way, I predict SOMEBODY gets knocked out in this one.

This would likely set up a bootleg-tournament championship between Jones and Cormier, and the third installment of one of the best (albeit one sided) rivalries in the company’s history. And this time- THIS TIME- Cormier gets him. Cormier improved mightily while Jones was on the mend/out of the public eye. Jones is off the stuff. Cormier needs this win, to be considered the heavyweight G.O.A.T. and maybe… just maybe… the best damn mixed martial artist to ever grace this earth.

Time will tell, folks. Until this happens, let’s pray for no injuries, and absolutely NO failed drug tests (cough cough). Oh, and let’s hope @JoannaMMA follows me back. That’d be huge for me!!





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