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The First Responder Bowl Being Cancelled Brings Me Back to High School

This is heartbreaking for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, for the bettors, not only were they left walking on eggshells the entire time the game was delayed, but if they took BC they just missed out on serious cash. Second, obviously is the fans. Could you imagine traveling all that way to watch 9 minutes of football! NINE! Lastly, you have to think of the people who work for the broadcast companies. Hauling all of that equipment with such a quick turnaround is no easy task. It’s a cold world out there and to think this happened the day after Christmas, makes you question if Santa really does exist.


Obviously this is a huge heartbreak for the players, all of them, but mostly the seniors on each team. To put in all of that time, effort, blood, sweat, tears, etc. just to have the game cancelled, and not even rescheduled due to weather is miserable. It’s not Alabama where half the team will have a future in football it’s Boston College vs. Boise State. Just devastating to put in so much hard work and then have it pulled from under you.

I liken it to that one time in high school when I started having sex(Humble Brag). Being the last of my close friends to, as the HS kids say now: ‘bag’, I was just proud I did it. Proud I had sex yes, but the person I lost my virginity too, not so proud of that. You win some and you lose some. Flash forward a few months, and I am getting ready for my second time. I was sort of dating this girl from another school yet we never got to that point yet. Until this one weekend, we were both going to a party, where there was no parents, so I knew it was time, and so did she. No parents, no problem!

So we get to the party and skip the booze, no time to play games on such a special night. Also I had a feeling that in about 8 years a movement would hit all men and if alcohol had any sort of role in this innocuous relationship, I would be a victim of a hashtag. So we skipped the drinks…for now. We looked for a few places to have our special moment, while we promiscuously hooked up in between each hallway, until we found our spot. An empty bedroom upstairs. Did it matter that neither of us new the host in the slightest? No, we were both a friend of a friend and we were about to spill love juice all over the host’s bed.

Anyway once safe from the mob of drunk high schoolers we arrive at the room and shut the door. “Lock it” I said. She said nothing but jumped on me and starting making out. Fifty shades of grey? Clothes started falling off like the leaves in autumn, yet it was as hot as a summer day in July. I was becoming a man. I was gearing up for my second time having sex in my mind, as was my penis. “Think of anything to last longer” I told myself, so I did.

Then it happened, a parent walked in. Turns out she didn’t lock the door and there were parents there after all. We quickly got to our feet threw on a flew clothes and scurried off. The party was still on but sex was out of the question. No problem I thought, at least I  can still get drunk and have a good night.

So that’s what I did for about 15 minutes, then an absolute horrific, “wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy” pain hit me out of no where… blue balls.


That’s what those players are probably feeling right now, so my point is, I feel for them. Also, what you the reader might be feeling with the extremely abrupt end.


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