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Alright listen up all 32 of you, most of which are probably bots; I’m going to shoot ya straight. Have we been slacking? You bet you robot ass we have. Am I happy about it? No, not at all. In fact, quite ashamed.

PGB is something that I love, it provides my friends and I an outlet to give our opinions, discuss, and rant about things we want to talk about. The thing most people don’t understand is this comes at a cost. You see, I recently got an email from our close friends at Word Press asking me if I wanted to renew my domain.

Renew your domain? Are you saying you have to pay for the coveted ‘’ domain?


And let me tell you, as a baller on a budget tighter than your freshman girlfriend in High School, I had to consider dropping my beloved side project. $18 might seem like nothing to some. But to a poor salesman such as myself, $18 could mean I have clean clothes, a new haircut, or even food to put on the plate. So while I heavily debated dropping this given that PGB is not my main priority at the moment, I knew I couldn’t give it up. There is a reason I started this in the first place. I made a commitment to myself and and ‘Banterers’ are not quitters. It’s a dream mine to do this for a living, and I wasn’t going to let the cost a NYC beer hold me back.

But the truth remains. I am busy with life. I am working a bullshit job to pay the bills, I am chasing a dream that is my main focus, and sometimes I get caught up in things like the Fyre Festival docs. And while the staff you know and love is busy with their own things; whether it be @PGBROB studying to get his MBA, or @PGBL looking to hate on Antonio Brown, I wanted to make our readers reader aware. I am back.

This isn’t to put pressure on them, because frankly I bought this domain for another year, so they can do whatever they like. This is just a blog to let you know that I am going to try to write a few blogs a week just to maintain, until I either drop it or decide to go all in on PGB. I am not going to be keeping up with this as religiously as I have in the past. As mentioned, I am busy, but I am making a commitment to myself and any lonely sole out there who reads this, that I am going to shoot for a minimum of 2 blogs a week to:

A)Keep my writing skills sharp

B)Continue to upkeep a blog so I can tell people when I apply for these types of jobs

C)Have fun and try to make people laugh.

I love this shit and while it’s not my main priority, I am spending about 5 cents a day on this, so I will make a concerted effort to get some content out there. I hope you can forgive, forget, and enjoy.

Back baby.




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