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Being Homeless Doesn’t Seem That Bad

Work fucking sucks. And by sucks I mean, no one likes to work; but by ‘fucking sucks,’ I mean I would rather be one of the 50+ homeless people I see when I walk to work. I always look at homeless people with jealously. I walk by them at every day at 8:30 in the morning and the fact that they are still in bed makes me want to work harder to one day accomplish my own dreams. A bed made of heroin and bad financial decisions but still in bed, nonetheless.

I know we have to work, I have this argument with my mom all the time:  “Tj you have to work.” It’s a short conversation.

Well, fuck you Mom, I don’t want to work. Not to sound like a millennial or anything but why is work a thing? Why did we all just get together and decide alright, let’s do things we don’t want to do so some of us can acquire more things of higher value, which we made up anyway. I don’t understand it from a philosophical level, and I refuse to whore myself out to corporate America. Of course, I refuse when I actually grow enough balls to actually quit, the only problem, I do not think balls continue to grow.

There is absolutely nothing about work that I enjoy. I mean you wake up early, you have to wear clothes that are uncomfortable, sit around people that you really want to be around and work on trying to become a fucking better worker, or your fired and you lose your money. I could give a shit if I work better or not, I fucking hate it. I have no interested in becoming a salesman…. suck me off and swallow me whole.

I am in a weird spot at the moment. I am constantly pushed to work by my parents. When they were growing up, they didn’t have an outrageous blue haired character in their life who makes $500,000 a month playing fucking video games, so I get why they think a traditional job is where it’s at. I do see that motherfucker Ninja and I envy him. He’s doing shit he likes, and getting paid,  VERY handsomely.


“Tyler “Ninja” Blevins told CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” about how he manages to earn more than $500,000 per month playing the “Fortnite” game.”

I also have to deal with the backlash I create in my head. My friends all have great jobs and work extremely hard for what they want, which is awesome. Do your own thing, work hard now so that whatever you want later in life you can hopefully achieve. *No guarantees* I just am not a guy willing to sacrifice my life for a corporate job, I hate it and one of these days I am going to quit to pursue my own endeavors. HOWEVA, I am going to feel like such an asshole as I sit there asking for money at 45 because I ‘went for my dreams and failed.



I don’t know man, maybe I am being short sighted but work seems like such a drag, I would rather just be poor. I mean besides when it rains, whats so bad about being homeless anyway? You fucking never have to pay for any of your meals or drugs, you always have a bed and from the looks of it a pretty deep sleep, you and your buddies get to hang out all day, if your buddy is out of town for the weekend you can still talk to him like he’s there and no bystander will blink an eye. You have permission to be crazy and have no worries, seems like a pretty great life.

I don’t know I am sure there are some downsides or I feel like more people would be homeless, but from where I am standing, being homeless is the new cool.


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