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Turns Out The Guy With A Perfect Bracket Is An Asshole

Straight up, fuck this dude with a perfect bracket. Gregg Nigl is his name.


I wouldn’t be doing my unpaid job if I didn’t address the obvious first. His name is Gregg with two G’s at the end. Who the fuck does he think he is. I absolutely cannot stand when people do shit like this, it irks me to no end. Fucking Gregg with two G’s why not make it 7? Why not be the only guy on the planet to be named Greggggggg? Get off your high horse Gregg, be named Greg like the rest of the Gregs.

Which brings me to my next point, has there ever been a Greg that you would want to hang out with in the history of Gregs? I feel like Greg is like a Doug. Probably nice people, but also probably play with Dungeons and Dragons at 43. I knew two in my life and the both were nerds. One swam and the other didn’t play sports he was just a Harry Potter fan. Point Proven.

I don’t know Gregg Nigl obviously and before I even saw a picture of him, I knew he was a loser. Not because of the bracket. I think it’s actually awesome there is a perfect bracket so far. I just cannot stand when people have weird spellings to their name. Because then these same people living outside of reality, will have the audacity to get mad if you misspell it. I can tell you right now some dude named Kevin works with Gregg and sent him an email this week saying “Greg, saw your name in the paper, congrats on the perfect bracket.” and you know 100% Gregg corrected his spelling, not even acknowledging the compliment. Thats why Gregg is the worst.

Second thing, he didn’t even know he was perfect! Dude, holy shit, if this guy cared a little bit don’t you think he would check his bracket like every single other person in America. I read an article where he said he watched ‘some basketball’ BUT ‘did his research….’ If you do any research for the bracket I can’t hate, but to then come around and not even know that your bracket is doing well, let alone PERFECT, you’re lying and a loser.

When we called Nigl, he had no idea that his bracket was perfect, let alone that it was the best verifiable bracket filled out in the history of March Madness.

I know he is perfect through 34 games or whatever but I mean come on. How do you not check your bracket. How do you make a bracket, which by the way, he also had to throw in that he “Almost didn’t make a bracket” and then be around people all checking theirs and just forget. He didnt even know he had a perfect bracket until MONDAY MORNING when he got calls from people to be interviewed.

That is why I cant stand this guy. Imagine working so hard at something like golf let’s say, and you try your absolute best to break 80. You go to the range, get a swing coach, watch golf, etc. Then fucking Gregg comes with you one time because he thinks “it will be fun” then he throws a cute little quip in like “needed to get away from the wife” and then he shoots 76. Thats what happened here. I know he said he did his research but he didn’t. He didn’t even know he had a perfect bracket!!! Case in point. The only reason he said he did his research is because he wanted to separate himself from the 13 year old girls who picked based off color schemes and almost perfect. He happened to get lucky, and his trying to act like he knows what he is talking about.

I bet he doesn’t even bet either. I bet he picked absolutely every game right, and thinks that betting ruins the integrity of the game. The bracket pool that he is in is probably a group of couples and the winner get dinner on the rest of them. Reservation for 6 at Applebees at 5:30pm. I hope he didn’t bet. Better yet, I hope he did bet every single game the opposite of what he picked in his bracket. He doesn’t need the money.

Ughh the success of this guy kills me. I can’t stand when people do things well and then be like “what…. is that good” Yes its fucking good Gregg, it’s good.

I don’t even care about my bracket. It’s pretty cliche to make fun of the people like “Dude, how’s your bracket?” but every one asks. So, I am not sitting here saying I care a lot or a little. I want to do well, but I don’t care about actually doing well. I want to win the money. I don’t care about the fact that SOMEONE is perfect. I care that this fucking guy Gregg Nigl is perfect. The guy who only watched a select few games, the guy who ‘almost didn’t make a bracket this year,’ and most importantly the guy who didn’t even know he was perfect until people asked for an interview.

Fuck you Gregg.

P.S. I do hope you go perfect throughout, that would be pretty fucking cool. Just pay attention now.


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