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April Fools is for Fools

Hey are you an unfunny person? Boy do I have a day for you.

While most days someone who enjoys April fools probably finds people like Darren Rovell funny un-ironically, the vast majority of the population doesn’t think twice about it. Mainly because it’s a made up holiday for 6 year olds, but also because it’s dumb. Imagine a day where people just went up to you and told you something very believable, then said just kidding. Thats April fools. They just replace the words “just kidding” with April Fools. The worst.

With that said, there is little in this world more humiliating than ‘getting got’ on April fools. Sports are a subject that ‘the guys’ like too joke about so of course at work, the place where you know someone only as the facade they want you to see, little April fools joke play HARD. The SFW (suitable for work) pranks and conversation talk is not only acceptable in the work place, but encouraged because you know ‘we’re a fun company’. Nothing said at work will hit your soul like the stinging jabs your friends throw your way, the ones that really hit your core and make you question everything about yourself. But these little throw away ‘jokes’ at work help you get through the day.

Today, I was sitting at work doing my dumb calls. Typically a conversation will go like this: “Hey John, do you want to buy ads?”…”Hello?…John?”

Not the most productive conversation, but hey, I get paid.

Anyway I was sitting at work doing my dumb calls, and someone sends me this:

My heart dropped. As a Nova fan, I wasn’t ready for BBB, mostly because I am not yet a Big Baller, I am working on it but something they don’t tell you about not being a professional athlete, its pretty hard to become a Big Baller. I try my best. I make statements claiming I am better than MJ. I buy shoes priced at $400+, I sometimes drain a three…sometimes. But I am not quite there. Bringing Melo and therefore Lavar to Nova Nation would put added pressure on me to up my finances, get my bread up, buy a chain and official become a Big Baller. I do not need that added pressure in my life.

At first glance, I believed this. I don’t know why. In my head, I threw away all previous knowledge that Melo pretty much gave up all college eligibility to play for his fathers league. When the moment is hot, your mind isn’t right and so hand up, I fell for this post by a well known respected Instagram account for Nova fans and subsequently felt quite silly for blurting this out to my co workers.

Then this:


I mean come on. A couple things here, if you believed this you deserved to be the bud of the joke. I hope you sent out a company email and the CEO made fun of you in a reply all. Two, if you are a high ranking member of the Bears social media team and you passed this as approved…. have you ever heard laughter or are you just a robot and attempting to make laughter based on data you have collected? Triple digit numbers. Couldn’t think of a worse prank if I tried. I mean you have so many ways to make a joke/prank if your a professional sports team and to go with something that even my 7 year old sister knew wasn’t real. Put a little effort in Chicago.

And of course:

Uhhhh… ya think Tom?

Not because you gave me a scare. Because it’s exactly that, a real bad joke. Tom Brady, the guy who doesn’t open his mouth unless its to speak to Alex Guerrero or mouth kiss his son decides all the sudden on April 1st to develop a sense of humor? You know Rob Kraft was texted him and was like “Hey Tom, I need to divert the attention from uhhh my whole thing, can you tweet this?”

Boom KraftGate over. Happy end- what?

Also, I love the greatness of Tom Brady, but WOW there are few things in life I want more than a Tom Brady retirement. We get it, you’re good and will probably play until your 67, but don’t play with my emotions like that.

There are countless examples of people posting things that of course without realizing its April 1, everyone in the world would believe, but hiding behind the date is lame. It’s very SFW and to be honest anything that is SFW is probably not very funny. Sports can be funny, but partake in April fools day trying to ‘prank people’ and immediately it’s not.


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