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Jelly Fam JQ Doesn’t Get Along with GQ Coach, So He Transfers

One could even argue he is looking to find his peanut butter.

Ok, that was lame. Bad Joke, I know.

What a ride for JQ and Nova. As a Villanova fan, winning has come easy. Winning the National Championship 50% of the time (if you only count the last 4 years) has been really nice, I won’t even lie to my readers.

Please. Play this on a loop at my funeral.

Anyway, today the JQ experiment came to an end. A surprise? No not at all, especially if after a 0 point 1 minutes performance back in October after a UPenn Loss spawned this IG story posted by Jelly Fam himself.

Claimed he was hacked… but I don’t buy it. Especially because he came back out after he said it was fake, retracted the whole ‘ I was hacked story’ and said it was a mistake. But hey, innocent until proven guilty, you know?

I will be totally frank, I don’t fully understand the ‘Jelly Fam,’ I believe its all about just finger roll layups, but as a elite level athlete you can’t create a group for below average abilities right? I mean if all it takes to be in the Jelly Fam is not being able to dunk, I myself found a new group today. So actually scratch that, as a current member of the Jelly Fam and a big time Nova basketball fan this one hurts.

In all seriousness this kinda sucks, but at the same time not at all. Originally committed to Arizona, Jahvon de-committed after what everyone in the world already knew, players were getting paid under the table. JQ was accused of takin $15,000 from an Arizona coach, but again… innocent until proven guilty.

It just so happened that the major scandal between college basketball and the payment of players also happened to be where JQ was committed. Hmmm? Now did he get money and then de-commit to clear himself of any wrong doing? Probably. You can’t blame him, players should be paid and as a top recruit in the 2018 class, you better take the most money you’re offered. But for now, lets just go with his moral compass told him it was wrong to be part of a program currently under investigation by the FBI.

Once this all came crashing down on Arizona, a school known for its academics, JQ decided to explore the field, look for more options. What better way to rid yourself of any scandal by joining a team known for its honesty, integrity, and ‘buy in’ mentality. With a coach as hot in the win column as he is good looking, there is no way Jay Wright would partake in illegal payment of players. JQ knew that, and signed with the Cats.

To be totally honest, from the start I think no one really saw this as a great fit. I mean Jahvon choose Arizona for a reason. Not really known for the ‘play hard defense and keep guys here for 4 years’ type of attitude, Arizona is what I would call a ‘1 and Dones’ ideal college. Not to mention all of the extra curricular activity that goes on there. (See “Im Schmacked” videos on YouTube.) Committing to a school like Arizona says a lot about a person. Nothing bad per se, just different ideologies about your basketball career. You’re in this to get better and ultimately get paid, legally. You are not buying into a winning program, filled with 4 year guys, captains, and a school that encourages actual school. So this move from Arizona was a little sketchy in the first place.

Then he comes in, now the new top recruit for the Villanova class, most thought he would fight for time or at the very least split with Phil Booth and Collin Gillespie. Well, Jay Wright doesn’t play those games. You only look out for yourself, and you’ll sit. Case-in-point: Jelly Fam JQ barely playing at all or really getting a chance to prove himself the entire year.

It all came crashing down after the game I alluded to earlier when Jahvon saw 1 minute of action, while already frustrated with his playing time. To top it all off, they lost to UPenn. Name one NBA guy, from UPenn. If you can’t get in the game vs a bunch of nerds, then are you even a top recruit? JQ let us know his thoughts after the game, proclaiming that Villanova was “his second choice for a reason.” (See above twitter post.)

Yeah GQ Superstar Jay Wright doesn’t play that.

So again, no surprise here that he left. I still think he is going to be a very good player. He showed glimpses throughout his Nova career but never really got in that groove that earned him his #26 ESPN ranking out of HS. So as long as he finds a place that fits him, his personality, and his style well he will definitely still be making a mark on the college basketball scene.

No ill will towards him I would assume from a Nova fan perspective, it just didn’t work out. It’s like that one girlfriend you had that is awesome. You could see how someone out there could love her, but you know that person isn’t right for you. So, you start acting a little weird, start talking less and less throughout the day, mainly because you are too scared to break up. Then after a while, you guys are still cool with each other but the relationship is so strained, that she breaks up with you. You act sad in the moment, but inside you know this was your plan all along. Everybody wins.

Dont cry because it happened. Smile because it’s over.



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