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People Are Calling for Hockey Fights to Be Banned; Those People Should Fight Hockey Players

Imagine being someone who thinks hockey fighting should be banned? Imagine knowing someone who thinks hockey fighting should be banned? I mean it’s the one thing in hockey we can all get behind! Ohh and also Kris Letang. I am sure most people would love to get behind Kris Letang.


Not only do I think hockey fighting should stay, I think it should happen more often. I think every time they drop the mittens, Dana White should pop out, they should bring out an octagon, get Joe Rogan, get Herb Dean and have at it. Two sports for the price of one would fix the hockey interest problem.

Apparently people are calling for #nomorefighting because Alex Ovechkin beat the Russian out of a professional hockey player who also happens to be a teenager. This wasn’t some random teenager, this was a current NHL man child.


If you’re big enough to play in the NHL, you’re big enough to fight in the NHL. I saw nothing wrong with this fight. You poke at the bear, he will fight back. It’s apart of the game and I bet you every single hockey player would agree with me. That goes for past, present, future, women, etc. Fighting stays. If you don’t like it, put on some skates, get out on the ice and fight them about it. If one hippie nerd ever makes it to the NHL and decides to take a stand against fighting, he won’t be in the NHL for very long.

In fact this brings to light an even better debate. Should there be fighting in every sport? Pro and Amateur alike. I’m talking from 5 years old to Senior Mens beer leagues, if you have problem with someone, you solve it with fists. Seems logical.

Imagine if fighting happened more frequently in other sports. Tell me a brawl that didn’t automatically didn’t increase interest by 20 Million% (Credit: Elias Sports Bureau)

I made that up, I do not have access to Elias Sports, but if I did, I bet that would be the case.

I mean even just recently we had:


And of course some of the all time fights:

Even NASCAR can stay relevant with fights! Now, thats saying something!

No lie, these are some of the most memorable moments in sports for me. Fights are fun!

Everyone who has read this far is familiar with every single fight I just posted, because its entertaining! It’s what brings people to their feet. Not only for us, but the players love it too. Sometimes you need it to get the team going, to spark something. Sports is entertainment and if you don’t think that the players sometimes hate each other and want to pound each other into the ground, I can almost guarantee you were picked last in kickball.

Here is the solution: For the people out there who think Hockey fighting should be banned, we will get you in a ring with people who are for it. Whoever wins, thats what stays. Ok?

Try to tell a hockey player to ban fighting, they drop mittens on sight to fight you. Even if they are wearing civilian clothes, they will find mittens, put them on, and drop them. One of the coolest things about being a hockey player is walking around with no teeth. It’s like a UFC fighter with cauliflower ears, and if you put their badge of honor in jeopardy, they will revolt.

BuT Tj tHaT Can sTiLL HaPpen wIth tHe PuCK!!

Shut up. Fighting stays.

On a serious note: keeping, or for arguments sake, allowing fighting in hockey and other sports would honestly clear up a lot of “bush league” type assaults that lead to players getting severely injured, sometimes career ending injuries.

Keep it and if you don’t like it, go make a quilt.


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