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A Breath Of Fresh Air: The Stats Nobody Cares About Lives On!

In Today’s sports, stats are King. Since the release of Money Ball, nerds have been given permission to do their thing, and actually, have an impact on the sports world. While for the most part they are actually helpful and provide a whole new side of sports, think Money Ball for all different sports, there are still things that we can 100% do without. I shouldn’t say do without, because honestly, they are somewhat interesting, so let’s call them pointless stats. The keep data on absolutely everything, so while this helps the coaches develop a plan, or helps a fan back up his argument, we still run into the occasional ‘absolutely doesn’t matter stat.’

(Side note: is it data or data? I know you read them differently.)

Woah! You mean to tell me someone who was in the NBA for 467 years played with people who were also good! Or at least was on a team that made it to the NBA Finals! That’s amazing.

While in all seriousness this is interesting, it isn’t particularly good for Shaq or anyone else involved. It’s just a “Woah, that’s a weird coincidence.” It’s like seeing the same stranger twice in one day at different places. Yeah it will make your brain freak out for a second thinking this is insane, but then you take a step back and realize, who cares? That’s my favorite part about these things, they don’t matter; like ok now what? Do I tell my friends? Do I retweet, I don’t get it?

It blows my mind that there is someone out there whose job was to find this stuff out and he gets paid for it!

Another thing I absolutely LOATHE is stupid stats like this

Wait, wait, wait. Do you mean to tell me that three of the top 5 players in the game right now, matter? You mean to tell me that in a sport where your best player clearly has the biggest impact on how good your team is, having a good player matters. Say it ain’t so, Waiting for Draft Night Anžejs!

See the thing about sports is stats rule. Numbers never lie as they call it. But I need stats that actually mean something. The stats that make you think like these Barry Bonds stats. I am a huge Barry Bonds guy. Oh, you think he shouldn’t get the credit he deserves because he took steroids? Ok, well thank you for letting me know, now I am certain I will not like you.

I am not going to sit there and say I don’t think he took steroids, I just hate when people deny how good he was. Look at some of these stats. They make you marvel at how absolutely insane this guy was. He was the GOAT before the GOAT was a thing. Stats like this don’t make you go “Huh, what a crazy coincidence.” They actually make you think, this says something about how dominant he was.

I mean look at this:

Don’t get me wrong I am sure there are plenty of things like this for Shaq, Steph, Lebron, and Kawhi, but I mean just telling me someone played with Shaq made it to the NBA finals? Next.

This felt hateful towards nerds and I did not intend for that to be the case. I just can’t stand these meaningless stats when I see them on Twitter and hate to see the world be mesmerized but dumb things and these “stats” are dumb to me. I want the numbers that show me how good someone was, that’s why I love Barry. At the end of the day, this blog is kind of pointless because I am saying I love cool stats but hate dumb stats. So sure, it may be pointless, but you know what else is pointless? The fact that Shaq kept this streak going. DON’T CARE!


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