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I Am Sick of the Josh Rosen Hate


I will admit, I was a huge Josh Rosen hater.

This, of course, was all the way up until the Giants selected Denial Daniel Jones. This really has nothing to do with whether or not I like Rosen, but I just want to emphasize my point in that Jones was an awful pick and I am bitter. I will continue to be bitter until he wins a Super Bowl (or is good). (So, never.)

I actually hated Rosen because I thought he was a pompous kid who honestly was talented but slowly losing it for whatever reason in Arizona. Not only that, I also thought his career was over and he just a washed up lifelong backup. I thought his attitude sucked and thought he was a punky kid who just thought he was better than everyone and acted like it. I mean, look at every single moment of his life before the 2019 draft.



But then something changed, I can’t pinpoint the exact moment that caused this, but I flipped. I am now an advocate of Rosen and would go as far as saying I like him. There is nothing that he did, its just more or less the unsolicited hate he gets. I am sick of it and i won’t stand for it.

I hated Rosen before it was cool, but now hating him is like listening to Lil Nas X, everyone is doing it. So I am officially out. Mark it down, I like him and feel bad for all the hate Rosen has been getting.

At the end of the day, he was still the number 10 overall pick only a year ago! I think he has talent and can still play and hope he proves it in Miami. This of course if he can stay away from the girls, drinking, and drugs which if his college days are any indication will be tough. But hey if party boy Jay Cutler can do it for a year, I think Rosen can last at least two.

Part of the reason I like him now is how he has responded to all the hate and criticism for fans and even his own team. I mean they toyed with him as my last girlfriend toyed with me. Telling me I was her guy, then leaving me for a shorter guy who happened to be better in the pocket.

I miss you Kate.

Then of course, this…

Since the draft, Rosen has been very low key, really only speaking to those close to him and he still gets hate! This was reportedly said to his agent and of course, becomes top news on Twitter, deeming him as cocky.

“I’m fine,” Rosen said on the other end of the line. “It’s not like I’m some child soldier in Darfur. I’ve had it pretty good. I think it’s time I had some legitimate adversity handed to me.”

SOURCE: Josh Rosen’s Brain

I mean honestly, what do you expect him to say? The Cardinals selected Rosen with the 10th overall pick in last year’s draft. This wasn’t like five years ago. This was 2018, folks. Did you expect him to bow down to Kyler Murray, and for the record still be the same height? No! Of course not. Someone challenges your spot in the starting lineup you better think you can beat him out. If you don’t why are you even playing? The healthy competition would make both him and Murray better. But to get mad at Rosen for saying he was going to protect his starting spot in the lineup is just insane. It’s like they were looking for something to pick a fight about.

My favorite part though was this video, which he clearly loved doing and DID NOT do because his PR manager forced him too. He also seems to have a very bright future as a realtor if this whole NFL thing doesn’t work out.

This has to be the first time this has ever happened, a semi-sarcastic send off. But regardless this is cringeworthy. You can see through his teeth and eyes he has no interest in saying anything. I mean he could not be less happy. I love it. Embrace the hate! Embrace the pissed off attitude… that’s you, Josh.

Call me a contrarian, and you will be right, but I am done with the Rosen hate. It’s cliche, unjust, and cruel and I will not stand for it. So, Rosen, you gained a fan this week that will not really pay attention to anything you do, but keep being you. Do you king!


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